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Single Life: I’m Not a Player I Just…

Hmmm which one applies to me: I’m not a player I just f*ck a lot? I’m not a player I just lust a lot? Or I’m not a player I just date a lot because I can’t seem to find what I want? All three have applied to me at some point in my adulthood. Hell, if I’m being honest, they still do! But, as of late I’ve entered into my prime and though I’m uncertain of how long it will last, I am sure that it’s going to be a great time to be alive. Continue reading

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It’s All Conscious Porn…


There’s an intro on one of Raekwon’s albums where Papa Wu says that you can’t be good and bad at the same time. I understood his point but I have to disagree. There’s never just one way to be and that’s the beauty of being human. Duality allows us to float between two extremes and that can aid us in finding our place in the world. The more that we give in to our true selves the better we feel. Repressing sucks and I can say that from first hand experience. Continue reading

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How Many is Too Many?

I watched this video while letting my chicken tenders marinate in the refrigerator. I always wondered how many sexual partners were too many and I think once you reached the triple digit mark, you can hang that jersey in the rafters and call it a life. Supposedly, Wilt Chamberlain had sex with over 20,000 women. 20,000?! Listen as much as I love sex I’d be disgusted with myself if I ever came close to that number. I’d be so tired of fucking that I’d join a Shaolin Temple and become one of those reclusive monks that only left the grounds to sell dumplings at the town market. Continue reading

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ESSENTIAL READING: How To Think More About Sex


As referenced in my Thoughts About Sexuality post, this is one of the books that I read that helped to form a stronger knowledge base on the subject. Author Alain De Botton’s book thoroughly broke down the pleasures and problems of sex. I never knew how fetishes developed or the complexities of sexual attraction before reading ¬†How To Think More About Sex. For those that are under the flawed impression that sex is just a physical thing, a “body thing” (check the reference!) then you, my friend, need to pick this up IMMEDIATELY!!!

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Thoughts About Sexuality….


I’ve felt this way for a while and it’s been one hell of a journey to get to this point. You try to deny things about yourself but when the writing is on the wall and the ribbon is in the sky, acceptance is the only way out. I’ve known for a long time that I was a freak but growing up in a society that at the time was a bit inhibited, exploration had to be done on the low. But these days, after my experiences, the game has changed completely and I’m all for it. Continue reading

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Eat The Booty Like Groceries?!

I was only a spectator before the Summer of 2012. Though I watched porn at a very very early age, it wasn’t until my teenage era that I started to see the hardcore flicks. Back in the day, the Spice Channel (Channel 68 if you had Wade Cablevision) was the entry point into the rabbit hole but it never showed the “money shots” or any real penetration so I guess it spared me a bit as an 8 year old. Anyway, once I started to watch AssParade, 8th Street Latinas, MilfHunter, and other such quality adult series I started to learn a few things about technique especially in the oral area. Eating pussy is my thing and I’ve gotten many of my skills from girl on girl scenes. Women know women and understand each others bodies… it’s that simple. But as far as eating ass, there was time when I turned my nose up at the notion¬†but that has since changed… Continue reading

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