Delicious… Rosee Divine

When it comes to women, I have a few types that I prefer to pursue. My preferences are what they are and have been refined over the years. I became aware Rosee Divine, French born artist and former model, after Drake related tabloid bullshit. I googled her and my goodness gracious! She’s everything I love […]

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No Ordinary Love… Kehlani

I might have to fight PartyNextDoor one of these days but all’s fair in love and war. Kehlani is my perfect match. I’d swear that to any God that you choose to believe in. Some people want Beyonce, Rihanna, and other want to eat Jhene Aiko’s groceries but Kehlani just does it for me. She […]

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No Ordinary Love…. J-Lo

You have to give it up. Jenny from the block still got it and I still want it. Some women don’t age gracefully. A number of them take that long hard L after 30, but there’s a chosen few that stand the test of time and age like fine wine. Jennifer “Thighs that still make […]

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Dear Rita Ora…

Rita Ora… you are bad as f*ck and I appreciate your presence in this world. I loved you since you first came into the game and that feeling will never die. Keep doing your thing and once I stack my bread up, I’m coming to see you … but I don’t know how long that […]

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