1.31.17 Thoughts

Politics. Politics. Politricks. Parlor Tricks. Whatever. So much drama is going on out here and I can’t seem to invest myself in it. I’ve detached from toxic people and corrosive environments but how can that be done when the garbage embodies everything that I encounter? EASY. I focus on myself. Might sound self-centered to some but I […]

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35mm Pastlife: Spring 2016

I retired from photography. Well I tried to but every now and again, I may get a call or text message asking if I’m off of hiatus. As much as I loved the craft, it didn’t work out for me. Bullshit politics. I decided to only shoot for the love of the game and use […]

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“In protest of the inhumane political climate, I could not rest my head in privilege. I wrote Bebin’ in Farsi, to solidify. I stand strong with love. In this case I choose to avoid mainstream media, because I have no interest in part taking in a victimized concept. As I will not be able to […]