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Expensive Wine Isn’t Everything….

Who says Facebook doesn’t have it’s advantages? A few days ago I created a post on everybody’s favorite social media platform (one that I view with disdain more often than not) asking for the best brand of white wine and a favorite kind (Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Riesling, etc.,) and from that “survey” of sorts, I settled on a nice bottle of Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio at a very reasonable price. Look folks, I’m on a mean budget while moving into my apartment so I’m really down for getting a bang for my buck. As I get older, I try to maintain a more refined palette and I’d like to become a wine connoisseur (I have a book that I’ve yet to finish on the topic) in the near future but I’d also like to not fall into the trap of thinking that good wine only comes with a high price tag. I saw this video shared on my FB timeline and it definitely helps while searching for good stuff… oh yeah, the GOOD STUFF!

Courtesy of Lifehacker

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RARE!! Stevie Wonder’s BBC’s Hotter Than July Documentary

Last night, I re-listened to Mark Ronson’s latest album Uptown Special and the Stevie Wonder-assisted cuts “Uptown’s First Finale” and “Crack in the Pearl Pt. II” reminded me of why I loved a lot of his earlier works. Don’t get me wrong, Stevie is still one of the baddest EVER but there’s something about that yesteryear era that can’t be ignored. Hotter Than July , another album that I’m proud to say that I own on vinyl, was released in September of 1980 and was influenced by Stevie’s meeting and subsequent performance with the legendary reggae artist Bob Marley (You can hear the inspiration come to form on “Master Blaster (Jammin’)). Sufficed to say that though it never gained the notoriety of Innervisions and Songs In The Key of Life (Not my favorite Stevie album if we’re being real about it) but it still made an impact. Tracks like “Rocket Love“, “Lately“, and “All I Do” are personal standouts but there was ONE track on the album that I loathe and as much as it kind of shames me to say, considering it’s cultural and social importance, is the MLK dedication “Happy Birthday“. Stevie used “Happy Birthday” in his campaign to turn King’s birthday into a national holiday which is respectable but then EVERYBODY around the way started to sing this song and call up radio stations to play it for everybody else’s birthday and I gradually grew sick of it and I’m playing right now to see if my opinion will change and NO! Still hate it…. Sorry Stevie. Continue reading

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Motivation for the Weekend… Courtesy Of The Based God…

I have a long weekend ahead of me (MOVING DAY!) and I need positive vibes to keep me cool as an ice cube (Couldn’t think of anything better say after eating 3 slices of pizza) and The Based God comes to the rescue with this “classic”. Damn this summer looks to be something crazy. Let’s Get It…

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Throwback Thursday: Bell Biv Devoe “Dope!”

I need to hurry up and make this New Jack Swing mix already… With Marley Marl on the boards, BBD had a crazy mix for this track. I was so young when these jams dropped but it’s all good because I love the hell of it now.

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Definitely Going To See This… Black Mass!!!

Anything that Johnny Depp does, I’m always down to watch and just by watching the trailer and seeing his portrayal of Whitey Bulger, I’m sure that this movie will be out of this world. When I looked at Johnny while he spoke, I only  saw and heard Whitey and that’s when you know that it’s going to be a serious film… POW! Continue reading

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Summer is Nigh… GAME TIME!

DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince’s “Summertime” is the signifier for the warmest season in Philly. Whenever you heard it on the radio, you knew that it was officially summertime in the city. And this time of year also happens to be a moment of change as I prepare to move into my apartment. This couldn’t have happened at a more perfect time as I finally get to enjoy the warm weather in a place of my very own. I’m a thorough believer in having and being productive in your own space and I haven’t had that in such a long time if ever to be completely REAAAALLLLLL. I’m using these next few months to enjoy life the way I want to which is how it should be. Like it or not damn it, you will smell every bit of this cologne, you dig? Continue reading

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Dope Interview… Snoop Dogg’s GGN: Jamie Foxx

This is one of dopest interviews of 2015 thus far… Jamie Foxx has had a few dope interviews as of late, the other great one being with Hot97’s Ebro In The Morning, where he discussed a bit of music and his parties but focused on his relationship with Mike Tyson as well as the upcoming Tyson biopic that he’s starring in. The cool thing about Snoop’s interviews is that he always brings the best out of his guests, nothing forced as the vibe is super organic. In this interview, Jamie discusses a bit of his origins on the scene as comic, his first interactions with Snoop D O Double G, having Wesley Snipes at this party (and a hilarious impression), as well as Django and his current album. Check after the jump for his interview with Ebro and a clip of him and his Foxxhole radio crew reciting lines from New Jack City. Continue reading

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5 of My Favorite In Living Color Skits

Let’s keep it a buck, when In Living Color first hit airwaves it gave Saturday Night Live a run for it’s money. Keenan Ivory Wayans along with his comedic siblings and other majorly funny, talented performers brought not only color but flavor to television in the early 90’s. Jim Carrey, David Alan Grier (grossly underrated), Tommy Davidson, Jamie Foxx, Kelly Coffield Park, Kim Coles (1st Season) along with Kenan and Damon Wayans were raging fireballs of raw comedy and when they connected via their sketches, something amazing occurred each and every time. I saw an article that stated that some of the sketches like Men on Film didn’t age well and I’m pretty sure that the writer had NO idea what he was talking about AT ALL. But like I always say, we all have our own unique perspectives but some are just dumb as hell if we are being honest. Instead of me writing to prove a point, what better way to make my case than to exhibit evidence. Check out a few of my favorite In Living Color sketches…

P.S. In the above “Wanda Dating Game” sketch, When David Alan Grier’s character sees Wanda for the first time, I lose my mind and I’m sure that he and Jim did as well. Continue reading

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For The Weekend: Snoop Dogg “California Roll”

I’m more than pleased that Snoop dropped a visual for one of my favorite jams from his recently released BUSH album. The exceptionally gorgeous Nia Long appears in this cool visual that plays with futuristic Egyptian themed Los Angeles. I’m still floored at how good Stevie Wonder sounds after all these years… This is one of the best collaborations in the history of Hip-Hop…

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For The Day: The Brothers Johnson “Strawberry Letter #23”

Alright so, growing up I always thought that this was the original version and it wasn’t until reading about Shuggie Otis in an issue of Wax Poetics that I learned that this was actually his composition (check out his 1971 album Freedom Flight) but both versions are dope respectively. The guitar bridge that goes super galactic is why I truly love “Strawberry Letter #23″…  It just gets so psychedelic … Pure greatness… R.I.P. Louis Johnson .. Check out Shuggie’s version below. Continue reading

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