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Go Dreamer “Friend Zone”

Go Dreamer, of the Hollyweerd collective, released this dope project, Friend Zone and it’s all that I’ve been playing in my headphones this past weekend. It’s a fusion of Hip-Hop, new wave, pop, and whatever else Go Dreamer likes to experiment with… Atlanta artists are always good in my book… Salute!!!

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Dope… Nowness Presents: Adrian Younge in “New Soul Rebel”

I credit King Britt for bringing this short film to my attention. Malik Hassan Sayeed and Arthur Jafa created a dope piece about one of the dopest producers, Adrian Younge. He doesn’t use any digital equipment, he’s mega analog with it and that’s what makes his music special. The commentary from artists like Raphael Saadiq, RZA, DJ Premier and Bilal offer great perspectives into their passion for music. What Raphael Saadiq said about the current state of black music is spot on… Check it out…

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Classic Tapes: Charles Hamilton “The L Word”


I’m really glad to see Charles Hamilton back in the mix. He was one of my FAVORITE “NEW” artists around 6 years ago (6 YEARS?!) but he had his fair share of issues that derailed his career. None of that affected how I viewed his music plus we both share the same birthday so I felt a special connection to what he produced. The L Word mixtape is an ode to love and relationships which is probably one of the most engulfing topics of my adult life.

DJ Skee and Charles Hamilton – The L Word (Mixtape)

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Red Dibiasé Mix “Uno”

This is the first mix that I’ve made and there are more to come… It’s a mix fit for a special kind of mood… “Dos” coming soon…

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35mm Pastlife: November 2014 – March 2015

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH On Friday, after work I finally had the chance to pick up a roll of film. It’s been a long long LONG time since I snapped a photo let alone had anything developed. Black and white film always comes off as extremely raw and its what I prefer these days over color and wherever I go, I carry my point and shoot Olympus. The only pictures that I could remember taking on this roll came from a Strip club themed ThesePinkLips event back in November of 2014. The asses shaking, the mood of that night, etc.. everything just made that vibe seriously cool. That’s my kind of party. One of the asses looked a bit “special” but nonetheless enjoyable. The illest photo in the roll however came from a walk in my neighborhood. The above photo that I call “Comprehension”, was created after the Mike Brown case. It seemed that the idea of “Black Lives Matter” was too much for one person to bear as it was destroyed a week after I snapped this photo. Continue reading

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Back… Again… And This Time It’s Personal…

It’s been a minute since my last entry and I apologize… The job that I’ve had since June 2014 became official in it’s capacity on February 27th and I’ve been swamped ever since. I planned on writing two weeks ago but then food poisoning caused an uprising of the north and south physiologically and I felt like complete shit for a bout 4-5 days. I blame the Chicken Caesar wrap but whatever… I’m back now with a few new tricks up my sleeve that I’d like to share over the course of the next few months… I finally finished a roll of film from my trusty point and shoot and the photos are as “interesting” as I hoped they’d be.

The key to this hustle of mine is CONSISTENCY!!!

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Throwback Thursday: Terence Trent D’Arby “Holding On To You” (Live)

“You can’t correctly love someone unless you love yourself”

I’ve been on a Terence Trent D’Arby trip this week. I bought two copies of his debut album, Introducing The Hardline According to… on vinyl (one printed in North America and the other in Holland) and “Sign Your Name” brings back memories of the 80s. I remember when my mom went and bought this album from Spruce Street Records on 40th Street. While searching for the “Sign Your Name” video I stumbled across this live performance and it struck me. It hit me right in the middle of chest like a sledge hammer… knocking the wind and sense out of me while listening and that’s why I’m so very grateful for good music. Soul music… the vocals are so raw and filled with emotion. While listening to the lyrics, I felt a connection to similar situations that I’ve gone through in the past few years and it still stings at times but in a good way… If you dig this, go and find his 1995 album, Vibrator.

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Wordplay: Tony D vs Unanymous

Sheesh!!! All I can about this battle is that Unanymous wasn’t ready… I like Unanymous as a battler but he didn’t do enough and honestly I feel like there were better choices for this match which can be seen through out all 3 rounds… Tony D is the champion for a reason… that man is a problem.

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