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Word to the Third: What are Chakras?

It’s all about balance. On this road to being the VII God, I’m attempting to be a better person. It’s a process, really. I still have moments of wanting to put chumps in chokeholds and throwing a flurry of sonic booms at idiots on and offline. Spirituality and the idea of enlightenment is dope and I’m attempting to learn more about myself varying channels of energy. I’ve read about chakras and the importance of maintaining balance amongst them but after watching this video, I have a better idea about each chakra’s importance and their respective functions. The Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana) is closely associated to the Scorpios, Pisces and Cancers. It controls sexuality, how we view relationships, creativity and self control. There’s so much to learn and as I discover more information, I’ll share it.

Dig it!

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Throwback Thursday: EPMD “Rampage (Hardcore To The Head Mix)”

EPMD! Erick and Parrish Makin’ Dollars! Pete Rock made a very, very solid remix of their single “Rampage” featuring LL Cool J. “Rampage” was the 2nd single to be released from their 1990 album, Business As Usual. Parrish Smith produced the original version of this track but there’s also a pretty interesting story behind it’s creation. In 2012, Erick Sermon spoke about his classic records and with “Rampage” being one of them, he describes how a pre-Mama Said Knock You Out LL Cool J linked with the group at the behest of Russell Simmons due to their popularity. It’s said that Parrish and LL were battling one another on the song and If you listen carefully, there’s definitely a bit of competitive jousting. Erick said that he was under the weather which is why his vocals sound differently but as many times that I’ve listened, I could never tell.

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@AyeVerb Presents: Verbal Intercourse (NSFW)

Aye Verb isn’t just one of the best battle rappers today but he’s also one of the funniest. “Captain Marketable” or “Verb Von Doom” as he refers to himself these days knows how to maintain a presence on the net. Whenever he had upcoming battles or just wanted to speak his mind on anything relationship related, he’d drop these bluntly honest and hilarious blogs on Youtube. Now as much as I love listening and laughing at these joints, I can tell you that they aren’t for everybody and some of you may find it offensive. Some may even call him misogynistic but there are a few things that guys can pick up and understand about the opposite sex.

Good Morning…

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Shout out to @ComplexMag for The Twitter Love


It seems like the VII God has arrived. Today, Drake released his scathing Meek Mill diss track “Back to Back Freestyle” and social media, as it’s prone to do, went absolutely nuts with memes and jokes. Now, I jumped in on the action with a few lines here and there which were all in good fun but one tweet seemed to stick. While pushing along during my overtime shift, a few friends alerted me to check twitter and BOOM! Complex posted my tweet for their piece about Philly’s reactions to Drake vs Meek. Next thing I know, I wound up with endless retweets and I’m over here preparing to sign autographs (HA!) but I can’t let the fame get to me.

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Thinking Like Marcus Graham…


As a film, Boomerang contained vital information for my everyday life, well dating life. You can’t be a player forever. Everybody has their time and if you wear out your welcome, the sweet taste of defeat will Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Makoto leg sweep you off of your feet. Janet Jackson told us years ago that “That’s the way love goes”.  As a single guy in a society where dating has become more complicated than ever, I have to keep myself in a stable frame of mind. Am I a player? I don’t think so but others assume differently. Maybe it’s because I haven’t settled down yet and I won’t until I find the one that feels right. I could find her tomorrow or years from now but that’s what makes it all worth it. Continue reading

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AGAIN!!! Drake “Back To Back (Meek Mill Diss)”

You get what you asked for… this entire response is a QUOTABLE and I’m very, very happy that I woke up to this. So many of people call Drake “soft” but from what I’m seeing and hearing, the kid from the north is putting on and actually making this battle ENJOYABLE!  ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?! He made references to Philly (A.R. AB, Ms Tootsies), Nicki Minaj (“Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour”) and just blatant shit talking (“Trigger fingers turn to twitter fingers, you getting bodied by a singing nigga, and shouts to all my boss bitches wifing niggas”). Drake is continuing to bait him and it’s beautiful. To all of you “geniuses” that have accused Drake of not being a “real n-word” because the bulk of his content isn’t on the street level, I hope that you learn a lesson in this battle: A good writer is a good writer, doesn’t matter where he comes from. If the talent and skill is there, then that’s all that counts.

BTW… Whoever from OVO that sees this… Send me a shirt or something.

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Still At It…

Consistency. Persistence. I have conversations with my “co-defendant” MP about these subjects at least once a week. What I’m most consistent with these days besides being “weirdo” has to be my need to spill my guts into my journal on a daily basis. I don’t know how my brain functions but it’s more chaos than order inside of my head and it always has been. Sometimes I feel like it’s ADHD or some other mental glitch that allows me function much differently from my peers. Maybe that in itself is just a byproduct of overthinking or not thinking enough. I’ve always had questions about everything and it was unfortunate that I let self doubt dictate many of my missteps along the way but that’s no longer a burden of mine. Thankfully. Continue reading

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Patrice O’Neal’s Prison Story

We lost a great comedian when Patrice O’Neal passed away. After he died, I found his appearances on the Opie & Anthony show via Youtube and I always found myself laughing despite the racially charged content. One night, I listened to Patrice’s story about his time in prison as a teenager and though it had a few chuckle worthy moments, you could hear that the pain from that short experience left a lasting sting. Many young black men found themselves imprisoned over false accusations and their lives were ruined as a consequence. Rape is very serious and yes there are men that are ignorant to “No means No” and those that violate the rights of these victims deserve to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But with that said, the accusation of rape should never ever be used falsely for the sake of emotional payback.

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You Played Yourself… Funkmaster Flex


“You had one job, Flex! ONE JOB!”

And yet, with all of his threats that turned out to be empty promises, he dropped the ball in true, cornball fashion. If you ask me, this is what Flex absolutely deserves. If the origin of the Meek Mill vs Drake fiasco wasn’t ridiculous enough, his antics and unnecessary role as the self appointed prime instigator made matters much more preposterous. It wouldn’t be that incredulous to know that Pumpfakemaster Flex’s claims of releasing the alleged references of Drake’s tracks for the love the culture were actually an artifice for gaining ratings for his radio program. Continue reading

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No Ordinary Love…. J-Lo


You have to give it up. Jenny from the block still got it and I still want it. Some women don’t age gracefully. A number of them take that long hard L after 30, but there’s a chosen few that stand the test of time and age like fine wine. Jennifer “Thighs that still make Diddy cry” Lopez is still a killer at 46. Please know that my love for latina women will never die. My ex, bless her crazy soul, is a mixture of Puerto Rican and Dominican, and I went through many late night withdrawal sessions. J-Lo, I may not ever bump your music with a good conscience although “I’m Real” with Ja Rule knocked 2001, you’re one of the baddest. Shout out to the Bronx!

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