Long Live The Husel!

Risks… for creative types, life all about taking risks. Some things may work and others won’t no matter how hard you try but taking the chance to experiment offers a reward. You learn that going outside the box isn’t as bad as you once thought. In Hip-Hop and R&B, there are success stories where artists not […]

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Word To The Curves: Thank You

I’m sure if there was some kind of law against it, I’d be guilty as charged. No chance of appeal; I’d be a proud recidivist. The crime that I am speaking of is the admiration of the “fat bottom” or the “booty”. For me, it represents a portion of a woman’s power. The “booty” commands. […]

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Poem: “Points Of Reference”

I write everyday. If it’s not a blog post it’s poetry and it’s neither of those, its probably an entry into my daily journal. I am attempting to master the short story in prose form and “Points of Reference” is a successful attempt. BTW, King Red Rose is my Nom De Plume just in case […]

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