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Long Live The Husel!

The Husel

Risks… for creative types, life all about taking risks. Some things may work and others won’t no matter how hard you try but taking the chance to experiment offers a reward. You learn that going outside the box isn’t as bad as you once thought. In Hip-Hop and R&B, there are success stories where artists not only excelled in their genre but have taken musical excursions and succeeded. Andre 3000, Drake, and Childish Gambino are some of the artists that have triumphantly gone beyond the traditional confines of Hip-Hop with amazing results. Continue reading

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GGN: Nemo Hoes interviews Little Dragon

I’m a huge fan of Snoop Dogg’s GGN interviews and just as big of a fan of Little Dragon. They discuss everything from the inception of the group to their latest album, Nabuma Rubberband. And by the way “Forever” on Little Dragon’s 2007 self titled album is one of my favorite songs EVER!!! Check out the interview and enjoy.

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Thisis50: Jack Thriller interviews Dave Hollister

BLACKstreet had jams back in the 90s. Teddy Riley was one of the most renowned producers during that era with consistent hits. Though BLACKstreet was Teddy Riley’s group, Dave Hollister’s vocals made him the focal point of the group. Jack Thriller of ThisIs50 had a great and very hilarious interview with Dave Hollister, who’s debut album Chicago ’85 still gets play in my iTunes. Check out the rest of the interviews below for more cool music stories. Continue reading

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The Greatness of Kendrick Lamar’s “i”

Kendrick-Lamar "i"

“The world is ghetto with big guns and picket signs” – Kendrick Lamar

The anticipation for Kendrick’s “i” could be felt all over social media. The interest in new material from the TDE star reached a fever pitch after the release of the single’s artwork a week before the song dropped. I had nothing but the highest of hopes especially after his classic debut album, Good Kid M.a.a.d. City “came through and crushed the buildings”. Kendrick is an excellent writer and each song from his last album substantiates that claim without a doubt. We can go as far back as his earlier projects such as 2010’s O(verly) D(edicated) and 2011’s Section 80 to see his growth as a songwriter and the wide range of topics that your everyday generic rapper carelessly ignores. Kendrick confidently set the stage for his own coronation. Continue reading

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Tattoos: My Journey of Self Discovery

King tattoo on my right pectoral muscle

King tattoo on my right pectoral muscle

“My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.” – Johnny Depp

I never thought that I’d ever get a tattoo or the seven that I have now. In my mind, there was a stigma that surrounded it and I felt that I’d be too indecisive to ever be satisfied with a permanent marking. I used to associate tattoos with bikers, rock musicians, and 2Pac (THUG LIFE!) but there wasn’t any personal appeal. My father got a few before I did and I’m usually the first one to jump into uncharted waters. I remember saying to him after he received his last piece that I didn’t see myself going that route but my, my, my how the tables turned. Continue reading

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Word To The Curves: Thank You

© King Red Rose

© King Red Rose

I’m sure if there was some kind of law against it, I’d be guilty as charged. No chance of appeal; I’d be a proud recidivist. The crime that I am speaking of is the admiration of the “fat bottom” or the “booty”. For me, it represents a portion of a woman’s power. The “booty” commands. It’s presence in any room or open space will shut down even the most serious of conversations (well it has for me) without exerting any effort whatsoever. The magic of women’s curves has enamored the greatest artistic minds throughout history and continues to do so. With it’s recent acceptance in the mainstream (according to Vogue, we are now in the era of the Big Booty) one would like to think that it’s something new but it was always a marvel. it was always there. The “Big Booty” was/is an attribute that makes those who are fortunate enough to have one, phenomenal women. Continue reading

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Poem: “Points Of Reference”

Points of Reference

Points of Reference

I write everyday. If it’s not a blog post it’s poetry and it’s neither of those, its probably an entry into my daily journal. I am attempting to master the short story in prose form and “Points of Reference” is a successful attempt. BTW, King Red Rose is my Nom De Plume just in case curiosity had gotten the better of you.

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@GrandeMarshall “Pull Up’s Theme”


I’m a fan of Grande Marshall. I’ve known him for four years and I’ve taken notice of his hustle over the years and whenever he drops a project, it always leaves a great impression on me. The Ben Pramuk produced “Pull Up’s Theme” vibes really well and I’m looking forward to the #MBK project that Grande has tucked up his sleeve. Peace to Erich “Heinz” Rigonan the mind and eye behind the artwork, we’ve collaborated on a few of Grande’s past projects.

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Seen It All: Hector and the Search for Happiness


On Saturday, the day after watching Jimi: All Is By My Side, I decided to go back to the The Ritz Five theater to watch Hector and the Search for Happiness. While watching the previews for the movie a month or so ago, I saw Simon Pegg and I knew that it had to be entertaining. I’ve loved all of his projects especially Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. When it comes to movies, I can usually tell if a film will entertain and thus far I’ve been right on the money (Donnie Darko is one of the few exceptions that truly surprised me). If you enjoyed Eat, Pray, and Love then I’m certain that you will find this film to be quite a cinematic delight (Check The Rhyme!)

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Serious Jibber-Jabber with Conan O’Brien: Jack White

While roaming around Youtube, I found this very cool Conan O’Brien interview with Jack White of The White Stripes. I always find it interesting to hear the perspectives and stories of musicians. It allows me have an insight that I never had before and I tend to see where I can apply knowledge in my own creative endeavors.

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