Invest in Yourself….

I wasted money on dumb shit. Sneakers, T-Shirts, Magazines, Video Games, Music equipment that I barely devoted any of my time to, amongst other frivolities. I’d always look at my account and say to myself, “Damn son, where did all the money go?”. Here’s the thing: I’m not a big spender and most of the […]

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Check It Out! Swarvy “Bop”

I wasn’t sure when Swarvy would release his Bop project but it unbeknownst to me due to slacking, it dropped on August 11th via Paxico Records and it’s dope! And I’m not just saying that because I’m featured on the first track (“Bop”). I love Swarvy’s style and approach to production on this project. It’s […]

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8.21.17 Thoughts…

1. There’s been so much happening in this world over the past week. The tragedies in Spain, Sierra Leone and of course Charlottesville. Is there ever a moment to decompress? Nah. If you’re looking for a moment to breathe, you won’t find it here. Shit happens. You can’t stop it nor can you ignore it […]

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Word to @AsapTwelvyy

If you’ve followed A$AP Mob member A$AP Twelvyy on social media then you are very familiar with his phrase “Last Year Being Broke”. It’s a mantra that has helped him to propel his career to new heights which included the release of his debut album, 12, earlier this month. Twelvyy has worked hard and it […]

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