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French Montana x A$AP Rocky “Said N Done”

As soon as I heard the sample of Wendy Rene’s “After Laughter (Comes Tears)” which is widely known for Wu-Tang Clan’s “Tearz” I KNEW that this would be a banger of some sort. Was I wrong? Nope. Not in the least.

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Pink Elephants on Parade…

I have a small, magenta (dark pink?) elephant figurine that sits on my dresser. I don’t know what it’s carved from but I thought it was a cool item when I saw in the University of Penn’s Museum Gift Shop. Sometimes you buy things just to buy things. It may be the color, the shape, or it could remind you of someone and to keep that memory alive you throw away a few dollars for the sake of nostalgia. At the time, there was a girl that I liked that had a tattoo of small pink elephant on her forearm. She told me the story about how she got it a year prior with a group of friends to support AIDS research or something along those lines. Whatever. Anyway, I bought the small figurine as gift for her but along the way shit happened and we no longer associated with each other. A blessing in disguise. Continue reading

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Like “Mushroom Cloud”

Producer/Emcee Like of the Pac Div collective releases a trippy visual for his latest single “Mushroom Cloud” from his debut album Songs Made While High. The old school animated look matches well with the song’s vibe.

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2.27.17 Thoughts


1. I love women to the point of nauseation. I’d explain it but I’m not into dry snitching.

2. Political Correctness has no place in battle rap. The Remy Ma Nicki Minaj diss track “Shether” was COLD BLOODED. For the most part, it received positive reviews but the Social Justice Warriors decided to come out of their bunkers and have their say. “The song was OK aside from the SLUT SHAMING!” Well what did you expect? Did you want Remy Ma to say nice things on a diss track? IT’S A DISS TRACK! YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE DISRESPECTFUL! SHIT! Continue reading

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Cam’ron Helped Me Out…


Let’s lift our glasses in honor of Cameron Giles aka Cam’ron aka Killa Cam. This isn’t about the music which I am a huge fan of nor does it have anything to do with the falling out with fellow Dipset member Jim Jones. Nope. Those topics have zero relevance in this piece. In the early 2000s, when Dipset was at it’s height, Cam’ron did what most rappers – besides Andre 3000 – wouldn’t do to stand out: He wore pink! Not only did he wear pink, he even owned a 2003 Pink Range Rover strictly for stunting purposes. What he did in that time broke me out of my shell and pushed me in positive direction in terms of defining my personal style. Continue reading

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Elegant Animals “Warm Blood Pt. 1”

I know very talented people in the city of Philadelphia. I have a connection to a variety of scenes in the city so whenever something or someone causes waves, my attention is immediately caught. Elegant Animals has released their latest project, Warm Blood Pt. 1, a 4 track effort that’s sure to receive many replays. I definitely enjoyed it and will continue to do so over the weekend.


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KENZO “Music is my Mistress”

Kahlil Joseph is a cinematic visionary. I loved the music videos that he’s directed for Shabazz Palaces who are also featured in this short film, as well as what Beyonce’s Lemonade. The film features Tracee Ellis Ross, Jesse Williams and cellist Kelsey Lu. Really dope.

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2.23.17 Thoughts


1. Freedom of speech comes at a cost. It’s crazy hearing about comedians -who I view to be the best kind of sociologists – that aren’t allowed to voice opinions or make observations without becoming Public Enemy #1 is wild. In my opinion, if the material isn’t preaching hate, then there shouldn’t be a problem but that’s too much too ask in the PC era. Continue reading

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@GaryVee “Overnight Success”

Persistence. Hard work. Hustle. You can’t be successful without any of the words in your daily routine. Some are under the bizarre impression that getting to the top of their profession or achieving “fame” is an “overnight” process. Do you know how dumb that is? Are you that aloof to the ways of the world that you’d assume that some of these current success stories just woke up one day and had it all? It takes work. Actual work. You can’t give up on what you love to do. If you want it, you better act like it and remain consistent. Follow through is NECESSARY! Ideas aren’t enough….

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The Breakfast Club interview w/ Wood Harris

Pretty cool interview with Wood Harris, an actor that I was first introduced to via his supporting goon role in Above The Rim. Everybody seems to mention Paid In Full and The Wire for what he’s most known for but I think my favorite movie of his maybe the Jimi Hendrix biopic. Check it out…

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