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You Played Yourself… Funkmaster Flex


“You had one job, Flex! ONE JOB!”

And yet, with all of his threats that turned out to be empty promises, he dropped the ball in true, cornball fashion. If you ask me, this is what Flex absolutely deserves. If the origin of the Meek Mill vs Drake fiasco wasn’t ridiculous enough, his antics and unnecessary role as the self appointed prime instigator made matters much more preposterous. It wouldn’t be that incredulous to know that Pumpfakemaster Flex’s claims of releasing the alleged references of Drake’s tracks for the love the culture were actually an artifice for gaining ratings for his radio program. Continue reading

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Single Life: Opposites Attract…

WTF! As I said to a friend of mine the OTHER day, “They expect us to play by the rules when they don’t play fair” but I was referring to achieve success but damn it it seems to APPLY to everything especially dating. I seemed to attract women with boyfriends and/or cornball exes that still try to throw copious amounts of salt in my game. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and the only woman that will be on my arm that day will in the form of a TATTOO! But dig… I don’t know what it is or how the universe works but I attract women with significant others and I’m wondering… Am I supposed to be the guy on the side?! Continue reading

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No More Surprises…

I’m numb. I wouldn’t classify myself as pessimist but more like a realistic optimist. My life’s experiences have forced me to see things for what they are rather than how I’d want them to be. There are moments in life where you have to accept that things are just f*cked up beyond belief and sometimes you can’t do anything but go on with your life. Everything is the NORM to me. War on foreign lands, violence in the hood, genocide in Nigeria, police brutality, cops killing unarmed citizens, emphasis placed on materialism and not humanity, and every other foul act that goes down in the 21st century. Nothing surprises me anymore. That Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin situation didn’t shock me. All of this madness has occurred since the beginning of time and I’ve been exposed to all of this since a kid so hearing about ISIS and Boko Haram at the age of 30 in a country where murderers are celebrated does little to rattle me and that’s out of pocket. Continue reading

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They Don’t Care About You!

I was supposed to write this post about a week ago but life happened and I had to postpone. After all that has happened recently, it seems that I’m obligated to speak my piece with my piece. Historically speaking, the influence of black culture in the music industry is way too large to be undermined or swept under a rug. Our contributions to pop culture are incomparable and have proven to be very lucrative. We are cash cows. But, I don’t believe that the music industry, namely the executives that capitalize on the blood, sweat, and tears of artists have any true concern for the well being of those that they bait and “enslave” to their labels. Continue reading

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Outspoken… Can’t Stop… Won’t Stop…

Bugging Out!

Bugging Out!

As I sit here listening to Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T. (Demo)”, I have nothing to complain about in my personal life and that’s fantastic. I find myself being the most vocal on topics via Twitter but it’s like I’m truly wasting my energy on that platform. It’s like yelling out into a big empty space with the occasional echo but that’s whack. I can see why Kanye West only tweets when the times right. I’ll save my energy for the blog. It’s my personality and how hard (and somewhat stubborn) I am with my beliefs. I’ve been this way for a long time and it’s no point in being any other way. There are some whack, culture vultures in the mix. You have posers that go so hard for attention and want to be seen as the complete opposite of what they actually are. People are people and individuals act as they will BUT when everyone acts the same and I have to deal with them since they’re in my city at all the events or PROMOTING the events, yo… I have speak my piece with my piece and If I sense something that’s loaded with goofiness, I’ll say it loud and clear instead of holding my tongue as to not to offend a clown or two because they may have a little “power”… a little “juice”. My opinions will ruffle feathers but it is what it is and I’ll ride out for my cause… I am the Underground King!

GOOD AFTERNOON! Continue reading

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RANT: Art Vs Commerce


“Keep this shit fresh and original…. ain’t no fuckin’ rules to this shit and that’s what real hip hop is to me.” Kanye West

To endure life’s ironies, is to gain a thorough understanding of it’s inequities. The past few days I’ve seen nothing but Art Basel updates from friends and celebrities alike via social media and unlike my first impressions of the massive art festival a few years ago, I actually didn’t care this time. I love art! Anytime that an artists can showcase their life’s work to the public and receive recognition for their creativity then the odyssey was well worth it. What made it unattractive to me this year – the same variable that affects hip-hop – is the commercialism. Art Basel should be about art NOT about YOU posing in front of art with a cliche gesture or ridiculous pose. Who are you posing for? Continue reading

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Kim K… I’ve Seen It Before

Kim K Paper Magazine

If this was 2010, I might’ve cared a bit but I really don’t these days. Sure, Kim Kardashian is a very beautiful woman but damn, I’ve seen her before. Naked. Nude. In sextapes, Playboy magazines, and other Kanye West related forms of media. She’s been in the spotlight for years and her entire fame chasing tribe has come along for the ride via “reality television” and it’s sickening. We did it. WE DID THIS. We put fame and glamour on pedestals  instead of what truly matters like a person’s worth not how many twitter followers they have or how scandalous their past and present are. Continue reading

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Drake vs Tyga: Who Gives A Sh*t?


Last time I checked, this wasn’t Jay-Z vs Nas or Common vs Ice Cube, this is DRAKE vs TYGA! This isn’t the 90s and early 2000s when rappers made believable threats with tension brewing amongst different camps, FAM!!! This is Drake vs Tyga! This is not beef or a battle! DAWG! This is a SWAG OFF! This is the type of goofy shit that Carlton Banks would have to deal with at Bel Air Prep Academy. Remember that episode when that tall, statuesque blonde chick threw Carlton against the lockers after he said that she belonged to East German team? THAT was harder and more threatening than these two going at it. All these blogs, radio stations and MTV are giving this circus act more attention than it deserves. 2Pac and Big didn’t die so that the high levels of sensitivity created by these two could bust throw the dams of rap and turn this into an all male version of the Bad Girls club. Continue reading

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