No More Surprises…

I’m numb. I wouldn’t classify myself as pessimist but more like a realistic optimist. My life’s experiences have forced me to see things for what they are rather than how I’d want them to be. There are moments in life where you have to accept that things are just f*cked up beyond belief and sometimes […]

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They Don’t Care About You!

I was supposed to write this post about a week ago but life happened and I had to postpone. After all that has happened recently, it seems that I’m obligated to speak my piece with my piece. Historically speaking, the influence of black culture in the music industry is way too large to be undermined […]

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RANT: Art Vs Commerce

“Keep this shit fresh and original…. ain’t no fuckin’ rules to this shit and that’s what real hip hop is to me.” Kanye West To endure life’s ironies, is to gain a thorough understanding of it’s inequities. The past few days I’ve seen nothing but Art Basel updates from friends and celebrities alike via social […]

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Kim K… I’ve Seen It Before

If this was 2010, I might’ve cared a bit but I really don’t these days. Sure, Kim Kardashian is a very beautiful woman but damn, I’ve seen her before. Naked. Nude. In sextapes, Playboy magazines, and other Kanye West related forms of media. She’s been in the spotlight for years and her entire fame chasing […]

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