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Throwback Thursday: Ice Cube “You Know How We Do It”

“Fool! You Know How We Do It!”

“You Know How We Do It” is one of my favorite Ice Cube releases and it can be found on the album Lethal Injection. Produced by QDIII, “You Know How We Do It” stands as one of most well received tracks from the album due to the critics not giving it much love after it’s initial release. This is truly a G-Funk classic.

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Word Play: QP vs 100 Bulletz

King of The Dot releases their QP vs 100 Bulletz battle from their Back 2 Basics 2 event in LA. I’m a fan of QP’s writing style and I wish that he battled more often.

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Check It Out: Eazy E Documentary

Cool documentary about Eazy-E.. and of course Ice Cube would do an interview in the driver’s seat of a car HA!

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I Thought About It: Straight Outta Compton


By now, the movie’s been seen worldwide and there are countless reviews and “think pieces” strewn throughout cyberspace detailing all kinds of interesting (and some unoriginal) perspectives. The trailer was like a cool party that your friends went on and on about but you wouldn’t give in to the hype until you saw it for yourself. Luckily, Straight Outta Compton became a smash at the box office and there were even murmurs (according to the net, of course) about it being Oscar worthy. Continue reading

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Dope Listen… Eric Dingus “Is There In Truth No Beauty”


I never heard of Eric Dingus before today. While checking out Drake’s October’s Very Own blog, I spotted the soundcloud playlist for Eric’s latest project Is There In Truth No Beauty and I’m glad that I had the discovery bug this afternoon. This project is very slick. Continue reading

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For The Day: @ShottyHorroh “Major” (Featuring Sha)

Just what the doctor ordered for a Monday morning. If you follow UK Battle Rap and King of the Dot, then you should be very familiar with Shotty Horroh. They say that battle rappers can’t make good music, but artists like Shotty are exceptions. I don’t drink coffee so I need tracks like this to give me that caffeinated rush that I strongly desire on days like this.

Download: Shotty Horroh – Major

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Back in The Day: Junior Prom 2001


I’m in the middle…

Pictures are worth 1000 words. Some of those words are fluff. Stories told about some of the most famous photographs can be overly dramatic in nature that the images appear more mythical than fact. There’s nothing glamorous about this picture all except for the young lady that posed with me and she was one of the hottest girls in my high school at the time. What I see is a kid that lucked up during a time of awkwardness. I went to my junior prom ALONE and still wound up with 2 photos with 2 different girls and those were the only high points of that night. But to be honest, I hated being in that position as it all felt like charity and if you know me, I’m independent to a fault. If I can’t do it myself, then it takes a hell of a lot to ask for help.  Continue reading

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The Arrival of “Cuffing Season”

It’s mid-August and the summer is nearing it’s annual completion. Fun times in the sunshine are quickly fading and all of those flings are flung. All of a sudden it starts to sink in that once the seasons change, you don’t want to be alone when it’s cold outside while everyone else has love connections. From an outsiders standpoint “Cuffing Season” sounds ridiculous. A time period where you find a companion for the sole reason of NOT being lonely during the colder months is a bit funny but let me tell you, as a single “classic” man, it’s no joke. Continue reading

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Thoughts on a Tuesday Morning…

“Today, I played it safe…Cards are in my favor”D’Angelo “Greatdayndamornin’/Booty”

The opening lines from one of my go-to tracks on D’Angelo’s sophomore album Voodoo best describes how I start my morning. The first half of “Greatdayndamornin’/Booty” places me in a mode where every day though not guaranteed, should be conquered or at least claimed in the name of triumph. On Monday morning, I woke up with a good vibe after a dope and surprisingly eventful weekend. I left the apartment for the first time in quite while for a concert and a party on Saturday night. At first, I really wanted to lounge at home with a sandwich, netflix and the shrubbery but loyalty to a friend nixed that option. I went to Johnny Brenda’s for the 10th anniversary concert of Hezekiah’s debut album, Hurry Up and Wait. I thought that it was a very intimate show and it had a nice turn out. It was also great to see two of my former schoolmates along with a guy that I knew from my local barbershop playing the string accompaniment during Hez’s set. I met a girl that night that’s into the BDSM scene too and that’s a different story for a different day. Continue reading

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My AncestryDNA Results in Detail


I wanted to share the breakdown of my DNA test so that you all could see it all in full effect. As a lifelong card carrying member of the black diaspora, I have to acknowledge the “missing link”. Everyone else can pinpoint their lineage to a small village in France or a province in China but we, as African Americans don’t have it so easy. In 1997, for a Music Theory project, I had to create a family tree and pick a musician from any era that corresponded with my lineage. For some reason, I chose Scott Joplin and wrote a report about “Ragtime”. That’s neither here nor there but there are still remnants of that desire to finish what I started or go as far up as I possibly can. So far, I made to 1850 on my father’s mother’s side. It looks like I may have family in Georgia and Virginia. I’m somewhat familiar with those in North Carolina (just found out that one of them lives in DC!) but any discovery in that part of the country will certainly have the air of slavery breezing through it. Continue reading

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