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Quite The Come Up… Prince: Alter Ego


On April 21st, we lost Prince, one of the true Gods of music. I took it pretty hard and I’ll eventually do a vlog about it but for now, let’s focus on one of my recent findings. See it’s always cool to have friends in high places like the comic book store. My buddy Brian who’s helps to hold down Brave New Worlds in Old City Philadelphia informed me that the shop had two of these for sale and I couldn’t miss out on owning this piece of music history. Continue reading

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Morning Visuals: KENZO SS14 “Dawn in Luxor”

I’ve always been a huge fan of filmmaker (He’s proven to be much more than that!) Kahlil Joseph. I had the privilege to meet him a few years ago at BlackStar Film Fest and it was dope to hear about how we went about creating projects and conceiving the ideas behind them. While reading an interview with I-D Magazine, I came across a link for his collaboration with KENZO for their SS14 line of clothing which featured Shabazz Palaces and model Grace Mahary. As I’ve gotten back into writing over the past few weeks, this definitely worth the watch.

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photo 1

One of the few things that I love about Philly has to be the creative minds. Especially the sexy ones… The lovely and talented ThesePinkLips will be having a Silent Art Auction on May 22nd at the American Dreaming Building located at 618 N Front St from 7pm to Midnight. The last event of hers that I attended was worth every minute and dollar spent (Check out BOOM! and POW! as evidence) plus I wound up hooking up with a girl that I met there a few months later which is a win/win for The God. Iris aka ThesePinkLips has a dope style that mixes pop art and erotica and all of her pieces build upon those themes in very imaginative ways. Since I’m moving into a new place in a few weeks, I may have to snag a piece for the apartment so I’ll definitely be in the building.  Make sure that you RSVP here to reserve your spot. Continue reading

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Latest Tattoo: The God


As of late, I’ve been on a journey of self realization and just truly living out the life that I want. I’m into making statements and my latest “The God” tattoo is an all out testament to that. First, let me start off by saying that this is by no means blasphemous. So JESUS FREAKS please chill as I break it all down. If you’re up on Hip-Hop namely Rakim and Wu-Tang Clan then you may be aware of the usage of “The God” which comes from the 5 percenter sect of Islam. I claim no religious denomination but I love Rakim and the Wu so I adopted their slang years ago and calling myself “The God” began as an inside joke amongst my peers but when I began to think of what a God does and is capable of as a creator, I chose to use that title seriously. I see myself as the “supreme being” in my own world and I have the ability to create greatness as well all are. We are all Gods and Goddesses in our own way. We just have to truly see ourselves as divine creators as we can forge our own paths in this crazy, crazy world. So yeah… that’s the story.

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Tatted on V-Day…. Thanks to Made Rich!!!

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“Oh my god, Oh my god, If I Die, I’m A Legend”Drake

First tattoo of the New Year and it was very, very necessary. I’ve wanted to have a crazy tattoo on my arm for a minute but I had to find the right artist. In Philly, I’ve had dope tattoos done by cool tattoo artists but I needed something on a higher level. After watching the documentary Color Outside The Lines, and the work of Made Rich and Miya Bailey caught my attention. Made Rich was the closest in proximity to Philly and I had planned on catching the Megabus/Boltbus or (if you know how to really get it in… The Chinatown Bus) to go and set up that appointment. Fortunately for the God, he was actually set to appear at the Philly Tattoo Convention, which went down today, and I sent that email and dropped that deposit faster than dumb music fans will say “Who’s Beck?” (Dumb Asses!) Continue reading

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Another X-Men vs I.S.P. Joint…

I dig this one better than the last post because this seemed more like a competition and not a free for all. R.I.P. Roc Raida! Continue reading

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Classic … X-Men vs Invisibl Skratch Piklz – 1996 I.T.F. Team Battle

Wow… I love the X-Ecutioners and I’m big on Q-Bert and Mix Master Mike too so when I found out about this 1996 I.T.F. Team Battle I had to check it out. The techniques, the timing, the precision… Turntablists at their best…

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Tattoo Stories: Jack Rudy, shot by Estevan Oriol

Dope interview with Jack Rudy who’s considered to the “originator of the Black and Grey technique,synonymous with classic Los Angeles style“. He’s worked at Good Time Charlie’s Tattoo Land for over 30 years and is still killing it with a creative approach to the craft. Jack Rudy aka “Way Back Jack” is the longest practitioner of the Black and Grey style and that’s one hell of an accomplishment.

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No Thoughts Magazine presents “Smoking With…” @kultur3d

“Smoking With…” Episode 2 @kultur3d from No Thoughts on Vimeo.

No Thoughts Magazine presents “Smoking With…”. A unique series of video portraits that blend style with THC by Michael J DeMeo.

Episode 2 featuring @kultur3d. Going up in the alleys and lots of East Boston.

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