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Really Chill: Sir Mac Papi “TOO GREAT”

Pretty dope visual directed by Yinkasoda for Sir Mac Papi’s “Too Great” featuring Mark Mars and Val Strasser. While watching this, I really miss the summer and the women.

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A Gift From Stones Throw: 7 Days of Funk (SNOOP & DAM-FUNK) “N MY SYSTEM”


Stones Throw shows love for the new year by releasing the latest single “N My System” by 7 Days of Funk (Snoop Dogg & Dam Funk) featuring Daz and Shon Lawon. The download comes with a A and B side (which contains “It’s Not A Secret”) which is pretty cool.


Via Stones Throw

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How To Bring In The New Year: “Cancel That B*tch” Figuratively…

With 2015 approaching as the hours fall, we all should truly undergo a cleansing of sorts. There’s no better way to get rid of the old and bring in the new than by “Canceling that B*tch” that’s right everyone, follow in the footsteps of New Jack City’s Nino Brown and “Cancel that B*tch”. Now the “B*tch” that’s being cancelled can be the X in your life’s algebraic equation. Crazy significant others, horrible jobs, debilitating states of mind, drug addiction, watching Love and Hip-Hop, and family/friends that post absolute horse shit on social media can all be CANCELLED. Don’t bring any of that unnecessary drama into the new year. Surround yourselves with love and positivity and work for elevation. To quote the great Abraham Lincoln during Bill & Ted’s history presentation at San Dimas high school, “Be excellent to each other. And… PARTY ON, DUDES!” It’s as easy as that. Don’t worry about the past as it won’t affect your future unless you allow it to happen. When in doubt, be like Nino and “Cancel That B*tch” because this is your world and you can “buy another one”.

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Joey Moon & Rockstone INI “NATTY”

Joey Moon & Rockstone INI dropped the NATTY project earlier this year. These emcees have great chemistry together and they flow effortlessly over these beats. NATTY features production by Sam GreenS, Hoxtah, Lazy Kev, Malik Abdul-Rahmasn, and Mel

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Val Strasser “Dates” EP

Delaware is an interesting place. Besides not having sales tax on Nintendos and shit, they also have a SERIOUS amount of talent. The homies MP the God and Troy introduced to a collective of dope emcees and producers from the 1st state and I always check for their releases. Val Strasser in particular is pretty dope and I’ve been a fan of his music for a while. His latest EP, Dates is refreshing and features production by Val, Vern Rock & Hoxtah AKA Raw Sonic and additional guitar by Lazy Kev.

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Don’t Sleep: Rhetoric Wallace “RhetorikeTechne.”

Yo I know Rhetoric Wallace… But Do YOU know Rhetoric Wallace? If your answer is NO then YOU are SLEEPING and you shouldn’t be. Honestly, this dude is one of Philly’s best kept secrets. As a rhymer/producer he brings a lot to the table. I’ll feature more of his work over time so that you all can become more familiar.


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Just In Time For The New Year: Usher X Migos “Still Got It”


Yeeeaaaah! Definitely didn’t expect this but I have no complaints. Usher Raymond links with Migos to create the Zaytoven produced “I Still Got” from the upcoming Digital Trapstars and WeGlobal mixtape, Screens on Lock: 4th Quarter Press and it’s ATL to the fullest. Migos have dethroned Jeezy as the ad-lib king but Lil B still gets the honorable mention.

via Rap-Up

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Check It Out: Mass Appeal’s “Fettuccine vs. Linguine: Migos Talk 2014 Over Italian”


I think Migos is an amazing group and I really want to this trio of young ATL rhymers get theirs in 2015 and beyond. The good homie MP the God recently interviewed the group about their accomplishments in 2014. If you are a fan of Migos and want to get an insight into the creation of some of their biggest hits then this is required reading.

Fettuccine vs. Linguine: Migos Talk 2014 Over Italian

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Know Your Worth…

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Excerpt from Kanye West’s Thank You and You’re Welcome

I’m writing this for all of the creative types but in actuality this is for EVERYBODY. Valuing yourself as a person and as an artist appears to be very underrated in this generation. As a writer/photographer/videographer/voice-over artist/poet I know how important it is be respected and COMPENSATED…yes.. COMPENSATED for your goods and services but in the industry of movers and shakers, someone is ALWAYS trying to get over on you… ALWAYS. If I had to count on my hands how many people tried to play me by not mentioning any kind of legitimate compensation for the work that I’d potentially do for them, I’d run out of fingers. Continue reading

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Ayo… Thee Funniest Commercial “Hamburger Hot Dog”

Put It In Your Mouth

I’m sitting here watching a marathon of Tattoo shows on Spike and this Experian commercial comes and blindsides me… I didn’t expect to hear that line in a commercial.

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