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Inspiration: Mos Def (Yasiin Bey) In Japan

All that I ever wanted to do besides live comfortably is travel the world. I would watch specials on the Travel Channel, random shows on PBS, and anything related to Anthony Bourdain hoping that it would bring me closer to a foreign destination. For the longest, I felt like I didn’t belong in the US and each news story where I’d see those enriched with melanin being beaten and murdered by the police or those long suffering from “Negrophobia”, I’d mentally packed a bag or two, caught a flight and landed in Shibuya. In 2007, I applied to become a Teacher in an ESL program in Japan but the program was shut down by the government for shady practices PLUS they wanted me to pay for my flight over there and with student loans, I didn’t have that kind of frivolous loot stashed in a Nike sneaker box. Japan is sole reason why I took two semesters of the languageĀ in college. I can tell you the difference between Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji butĀ I can’t remember more than a few phrases. It’s still in the plans to study again so that I’ll be able to spit a bit of bohemian game whenever I touch down (I promise that I won’t say “Konnichiwa, Bitches!”) Continue reading

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