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Nice!!! MED BLU MADLIB “Knock Knock” (Featuring MF DOOM)

“Knock Knock”…. Where did this come from you ask? From the musical minds of MED, Blu and of course the forever dope Madlib and it’s the lead single from their new album Bad Neighbor which drops on October 30th. You can pre-order the CD and vinyl here.

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Something To Groove To … Johnny Popcorn “Love The Abuse”

Philly’s own Johnny Popcorn has released “Love The Abuse”, the lead single from their forthcoming project Totem Pole. I was a fan of the first EP by the group, The Crow and after getting a sneak preview of what’s soon to come, I’m sure that it will receive the attention that it deserves.

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Social Media… A Necessary Evil…

4-up on 9-21-15 at 10.44 AM (compiled)

I use my phone for everything. I ordered Grace Jones’ latest memoirs with the Amazon App. I’ll FaceTime a few people here and there though it hinders me from doing other things with only one hand free. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc., can all be accessed on my iPhone. And when that Apple product is out of reach, I have an iPad and my laptop to fill the space of communication. I rarely make phone calls. I haven’t run over my minutes since High School. I interact more with family, friends, and associates online than in person and that’s kind of disconcerting. Continue reading

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For The Day… Sean Price “Figure More”

Different variation of the sample used on Sean’s “Figure Four” but still dope. “Figure More” features Illa Ghee, the Brooklyn emcee that I was first introduced to via Mobb Deep. Sean and Illa complimented each other pretty well. I’ve heard more of their collaborations since P’s passing and I’m left with the thought of what else did he have up his sleeve.


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New Joint!!! “Sun God Ra Pendant” by GoodWoodNYC


GoodWoodNYC is one of my favorite brands. The first piece that I ever owned by the company was an all black Africa pendant that I bought from UBIQ back in 2009/2010. The same day that I bought it, a few suckas saw me with it and went right into UBIQ and bought the same piece and couldn’t look me in the eye when I saw them on the street 20 minutes later. COMEDY! I used to see my father wearing the black, red, and green beads in the early 90s and I always appreciated that style. I’m a huge fan of Ancient Egypt and it’s mythology so adding this piece to my collection was a must. What makes the Sun God Ra Pendant interesting is the layering of Blood wood, Yellow Wood and Basswood to create a piece with depth. The detailing is very intricate with carvings of hieroglyphics the overall design makes this a great look.

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“Hundred Miles An Hour Switchin’ Lanes Like WHOA!!!”

Bugging out on a Thursday like WHOA! One day closer to the weekend and after the grind that I’ve had… Long overdue… By The Way… I feel like Black Rob’s debut album Life Story is a slept on album. Rob’s pen game is dope and if you need further proof then listen to “You Don’t Know Me” and “Jasmine” from his first project.

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“Slut Shaming” and Moving Beyond Labels

I saw the light. It shone brightly yesterday afternoon. Even though I had always been aware of it, I chose to “ignore” it. Sometimes it takes a word, a picture, or in this case a Funny or Die video starring Amber Rose to bring to all the way around. First, I’d like to say that the concept and execution of the “Walk of No Shame” skit was very well done. Casting Amber Rose as the star was an interesting choice since she’s been seen on the VMAs literally wearing her anti-slut shamming campaign and has current plans for a Slut Walk in LA next month. The premise of this comedy short features Amber leaving the home of a one night stand and walking through a neighborhood garnering a warm reception for exhibiting her sexuality and not being shamed for it. The funniest part has to be the little kid saying to his mother, “Mommy, did that woman get fucked last night?” and she calmly replies “It seems as if she did”. I often wonder since sex is an essential part of our survival as a species, why is it viewed with disdain? How did it become taboo? And how can we shame someone for living the life that they choose?  Continue reading

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One Shot: Matthew Law’s Friends and Fam (August 2015)


I try to get out as often as I can whenever I can. Last month, at the homie Matthew Law’s monthly Friends and Fam at Kung Fu Necktie, I showed my face and the vibe was lovely. I saw a lot of familiar faces in the building that night and I found myself going wild on stage. Some kid almost had a House Party moment while he did the “Nae Nae” and shook the table that Matt spun on. Shout out to Fame Vasquez (pictured with me) and Tim Blackwell for the photo.

I’m still out here…

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Sleepy But Whatever… Mary J. Blige “Be Happy”

“All I really want is to be happy…”

Stayed up later than I wanted to last night. You know how it goes, when you’re reading and you lose track of the little bit of time that you have left before you have to nod out so that you have an ample amount of energy for the work day ahead. This morning, I had the melody from Mary J. Blige’s “Be Happy” looping in my head non stop. Her 1994 album, My Life is classic for that era and a personal favorite of mine and its mostly due to the production courtesy of Puff Daddy and a portion of his Hitmen crew. They didn’t do too much chop wise to the Curtis Mayfield “You’re So Good To Me” sample and it worked but that’s always been Puff’s formula. He knew how to craft hits. Continue reading

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For The Day… G. Dep “Special Delivery (Remix)”

The Glory Days… well for me at least. In 2002, besides my clothes being disgustingly baggy, there was a steady stream of quality New York Hip-Hop . Back then, I was a huge G. Dep fan and even now I strongly believe that Child of the Ghetto, his debut album (and only due to his incarceration), is a pretty good album. Do you know how many times that I tried to Harlem Shake to “Special Delivery”? And when I say “Harlem Shake” by no means am I referring to that infectious Baauer track from 2013, nah, I’m talking about that dance craze that we all saw in videos like Jadakiss’s “Put Your Hands Up”, G. Dep’s “Let’s Get It” and Eve’s “Who’s That Girl?”. You had to jerk your shoulders a certain way to catch that groove and if you did it too good, you might look suspect like the guys in Eve’s joint. Continue reading

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