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HILARIOUS!! This Is Not Happening – Ali Siddiq “Mitchell”

Just watch… None of my words can do this justice AND I’m eating hot wings at the moment soooo yeah… WATCH IT!

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The Funniest Wu-Tang Story I’ve Ever Heard…

When I first heard this story, I was in shambles. Comedians Bill Burr, Tom Segura, and Bert Kreischer tell a Wu-Tang groupie story gone wrong on Bert’s Bertcast podcast episode 200. HILARIOUS!!!

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@AyeVerb Presents: Verbal Intercourse (NSFW)

Aye Verb isn’t just one of the best battle rappers today but he’s also one of the funniest. “Captain Marketable” or “Verb Von Doom” as he refers to himself these days knows how to maintain a presence on the net. Whenever he had upcoming battles or just wanted to speak his mind on anything relationship related, he’d drop these bluntly honest and hilarious blogs on Youtube. Now as much as I love listening and laughing at these joints, I can tell you that they aren’t for everybody and some of you may find it offensive. Some may even call him misogynistic but there are a few things that guys can pick up and understand about the opposite sex.

Good Morning…

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Shout out to @ComplexMag for The Twitter Love


It seems like the VII God has arrived. Today, Drake released his scathing Meek Mill diss track “Back to Back Freestyle” and social media, as it’s prone to do, went absolutely nuts with memes and jokes. Now, I jumped in on the action with a few lines here and there which were all in good fun but one tweet seemed to stick. While pushing along during my overtime shift, a few friends alerted me to check twitter and BOOM! Complex posted my tweet for their piece about Philly’s reactions to Drake vs Meek. Next thing I know, I wound up with endless retweets and I’m over here preparing to sign autographs (HA!) but I can’t let the fame get to me.

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Ghostface Speaks….

Well, well, well… Ghostface is pissed and delivers his response to Action Bronson’s remarks on Sportsnation with soul music blasting in the background. This is hilarious to me for all the wrong reasons. I’m not for beef in Hip-Hop because it gets whack as soon as it starts (Tyga vs Drake) but this is comedy to me and I hope that this is where it stops. I knew that this would happen after I watched that Action Bronson interview. My Spidey sense went off and said “Yup!” in a Trey Songz voice as I felt the disturbance in the air and I patiently waited for retribution on Ghost’s behalf. Anytime that I hear “Fat” and “Funky” being used in a derogatory manner, I take my place on the floor and laugh hysterically.

BTW.. Teddy Pendergrass was a great touch, Ghost

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A Few of Steve’s (American Dad) Greatest Hits…. Happy Monday

There was a time when I didn’t think too much of American Dad. On Sunday Nights, Matt Groening’s 20-plus year and still running Simpson’s and Seth Mcfarlane’s wildly popular Family Guy were the premier shows and American Dad, while it had it’s moments, really didn’t spark my interest in the beginning. As a spoof of a right wing conservative All-American government stooge raising a family of scattered personalities, I felt like I’d had seen it all of the antics and gags before in other programs but as it grew over time (the same formula that Family Guy followed), it became better. Continue reading

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5 of My Favorite In Living Color Skits

Let’s keep it a buck, when In Living Color first hit airwaves it gave Saturday Night Live a run for it’s money. Keenan Ivory Wayans along with his comedic siblings and other majorly funny, talented performers brought not only color but flavor to television in the early 90’s. Jim Carrey, David Alan Grier (grossly underrated), Tommy Davidson, Jamie Foxx, Kelly Coffield Park, Kim Coles (1st Season) along with Kenan and Damon Wayans were raging fireballs of raw comedy and when they connected via their sketches, something amazing occurred each and every time. I saw an article that stated that some of the sketches like Men on Film didn’t age well and I’m pretty sure that the writer had NO idea what he was talking about AT ALL. But like I always say, we all have our own unique perspectives but some are just dumb as hell if we are being honest. Instead of me writing to prove a point, what better way to make my case than to exhibit evidence. Check out a few of my favorite In Living Color sketches…

P.S. In the above “Wanda Dating Game” sketch, When David Alan Grier’s character sees Wanda for the first time, I lose my mind and I’m sure that he and Jim did as well. Continue reading

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Ayo… Thee Funniest Commercial “Hamburger Hot Dog”

Put It In Your Mouth

I’m sitting here watching a marathon of Tattoo shows on Spike and this Experian commercial comes and blindsides me… I didn’t expect to hear that line in a commercial.

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Still Classic: Be Kanye Commercial (Absolut Vodka)

“That was awesome” – Kanye West

Look, in 2007/2008 I wanted to be Kanye West. We all wanted to be Kanye West. He dropped that gem of an album with Graduation and that Glow In The Dark Tour was LEGENDARY and I’m still salty that I missed it. I really related to the music and the artistry and in fact, his KanyeUniversecity blog is still the GOAT and it inspired me to come back into the blogging game. People have their opinions of him now and it’s either you love him or hate him but shit, you have to respect the hustle. Many of us tend to sleep on how creatively dope he is and this hilarious Be Kanye Commercial (Absolut Vodka) is a personal reminder.  Trust if it was that easy to take tablets to become Kanye West, so many of these talentless goofs would overdose.  Continue reading

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Peace to Patrice….

There’s never going to be anyone like him EVER AGAIN. Patrice O’Neal was a comedic genius and a god in his profession. He offered a brand of comedy that I hadn’t seen before and it spoke to me. I first encountered the wit of Patrice O’Neal, in the early 2000’s on Comedy Central’s Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn. Imagine Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect but with up and coming comedians sparring with veteran funny men over topics such as sports, politics and R-A-C-E. I loved that show and I’d look forward to Patrice whenever he’d make an appearance because he’d literally take over the show and from what I’ve read in the years after his death, that would rub a lot of his fellow comedians the wrong way. Well to his credit, some of those Tough Crowd guests were corny and unfunny and he knew how to manipulate their awkwardness. Sometimes he’d get carried away but it was always entertaining. Continue reading

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