Dope Visuals… Kendrick Lamar “ELEMENT.”

The latest visual from Kendrick’s latest project, DAMN., and I love the story that it tell. From what I could see, everyone was in a state of rage but there were instances of peace or stillness as well. Whenever Kendrick drops a visual, there’s always a dope concept involved. Shout out to the director Jonas Lindstroem.

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For The Day: Tony! Toni! Toné! “Slow Wine”

I don’t know what R&B is on these days but during the 90s, there was so much diversity on the radio and Tony! Toni! Toné! really dropped a House of Hits (see what I did there!) on the game. I’ve been spoiled by so much great music that every time I hear  one of these new “R&B thugs” sing something dumb, I really want to have a Do The Right Thing moment and toss a trashcan through a pizza shop window and yell out “Radio!” and not for Raheem but for the current format on FM and AM radio. Besides the artists on OVO Sound, SZA, Kelela, Sampha, Anderson.Paak,Solange, SiR, Tuxedo, and Frank Ocean (his writing is incredible!) there aren’t too many others that I’d waste my ears on. I always go back in time for the R&B fix that I need so please know that anything made by Tony! Toni! Toné! or Raphael Saadiq as a solo artist will ALWAYS be at the top of the list.

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6.26.17 Thoughts


1. Make your circle smaller. If you find yourself doing more for others than they do for you then you have to cut your losses. For example, I used to break my neck to help out certain people and I never asked for compensation because if we were friends then it’s all gravy. But you have those that take advantage of friendships and front heavy for their own benefit. Those are the kinds of individuals that you have to keep on a short leash. The fastest way to burn a bridge with me is by trying to stunt at my expense to appear cool in front of others. My circle now consists of like minded individuals and we keep it honest with each other even if it hurts. That’s just how it has to be. Continue reading

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What I Learned from 2Pac’s Letter to Sistah Souljah


What do we really know about 2Pac? Or what do we really know about ourselves? Human beings are layered; What’s on the surface doesn’t always represent the furnishings of our inner core. Seeking and finding information on my own is the only good that came from seeing the lackluster All Eyez on Me film. We tend to make the dead bigger than life, more myth than meaningful. Some tended to focus on Pac’s thug activities and his penchant for “riding on his enemies” totally negating the negative energy that it drew to him. Others believed him to be a leader, a voice of the voiceless, a poet in word and action but it seems that those that knew him intimately, understood that his Gemini ways placed each of his feet on both sides of the fence. We had a man that never caught footing on balanced ground. Continue reading

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6.25.17 Thoughts


1. 8 years ago, we lost the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson. As polarizing of a figure as he was, it seems and I feel that he was as equally enigmatic. He had classic albums and unmatched moments in music history: The Moonwalk on the Motown 25th anniversary special, racking up 8 grammys in one night in 1984, and let’s not forget the Thriller video. As an 80’s baby, the early portion of my childhood was spent being nothing more than a witness to the King’s ascension and it all felt surreal as I watched raging fans have mock religious experiences at his concerts. People either fainted, screamed to their hearts content, or unfortunately found themselves trampled upon after a mob of MJ zealots ran to catch a glimpse of whatever wizardry he appeared to be doing. Once the child molestation charges came into view in ’93, I didn’t know what to think to be honest but I felt like I had to believe in his innocence because this was Michael Jackson we were talking about and he LOVED the children. Everything became weird with MJ in the mid-90s. I was still a fan nevertheless but as his appearance changed, and his actions became even more eccentric, the tougher it was to separate the artist from the person. I cried when he passed. I never met him nor was I an over the top MJ fanatic, but it hurt. Did I shed tears for him or was it for what I thought he represented, a connection to my childhood? Maybe it’s a mixture of both but today will be spent listening to his contributions to music as we all should. Continue reading

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Know The Ledge… The Clitoris (NSFW)

Le clitoris – Animated Documentary (2016) from Lori Malépart-Traversy on Vimeo.

I know where it is. Did I always know? NAH! But I learned fairly quickly via fieldwork. Years of watching the Spice Channel and Adam & Eve didn’t help. As enjoyable as many of us find pornography, using it for sexual education is like going to McDonald’s for Chicken Cordon Bleu. Fast food for the mind rarely leaves us full. 112 sang about it on “Peaches and Cream” but at the age of fifteen or sixteen, I had no idea what it was. I thought that it was just the P U Double S Y, you know the thing that causes every motherfucker in the world to dress fly or at least that’s what Shawn Carter said. Continue reading

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Knxwledge “Keepit.thu.row_”

“your verses raised me g.
queens-bridge fucking king.”

Knxwledge, who’s one of my favorite producers, paid tribute to the late great emcee by flipping P’s classic “Keep It Thoro”. This is a cold mix. RIP 1nce Again…


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6.22.17 Thoughts


1. So a few days ago, I wrote on Facebook that I wasn’t checking for local emcees like I used to and it may have come off pretentious but there’s more to it than that. I know quite a few dope emcees in Philly but I’ve been so distanced from rap as of late that I don’t care to invest the time into it like I used to. My backpack era is over. Buying mixtapes on 52nd street in the early 2000s meant a lot to me as a rap fan but now, there’s nothing. I mean there some rappers from here that are popular who’s music bores me (SNORE!) but I’m not going out of my way to make that known. Those artists have fans that support them and my opinion won’t sway their feelings and vice versa. For example, I have a homie that’s an artist who has an affiliation with Philly’s most well known Hip-Hop collective and he, for some strange reason, decided to post a video of why the lead emcee in the group wasn’t on his Top 5 list of greatest rappers. Amongst friends, we can have that conversation but on the world wide web, you’re going to look like a hater (and a few individuals close to the emcee in question let my guy know that!) even if you’re just giving an opinion. Somethings are best held to the chest and not publicized. Continue reading

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One More For P!

“Getting closer to God in a tight situation” – Prodigy “Shook Ones Part II”

When your back is against the wall, who are you going to call? Peter Venkman can only do so much… (Please tell me that you understood the reference.) Continue reading

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6.21.17 Thoughts


1. First, as a Hip-Hop fan, I have to start this off by giving a 21 Gun salute to Prodigy of Mobb Deep. He passed away yesterday at the age of 42 due to complications from Sickle Cell Anemia. Prodigy reminded me of my older cousin Ted which is probably why I was even more of a fan back in the day. Prodigy had one of the nicest pens in rap and without a doubt was one of New York’s most influential emcees. 1995’s The Infamous album introduced me to how ill he and Havoc were on joints like “Shook Ones Pt. II”, “Temperature’s Rising” and “Give Up The Goods” then came Hell on Earth the following year with “G.O.D. Part III” and the alleged Pac diss “Drop A Gem On Em”. Somedays I feel like 1999’s Murda Muzik could be my favorite Mobb Deep album but it’s a tough decision to make. And as a solo artist, he proved that he could still be a formidable force with one of the illest tracks “Keep It Thoro” and it’s memorable intro: “Oh y’all n***as killers now, oh word?”. His follow up projects like Return of the Mac, Bumpy Johnson, and Albert Einstein with Alchemist kept my attention as a fan while other emcees from the golden era fell off. Summerjam screen or not, you could never front on him. Rest in Peace, P! Continue reading

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