Love The Visuals!! Danny Brown “Lost”

First, the director of Danny’s latest video, Matilda Finn made an amazing video. I love Black and White videos and it flawlessly matches the vibe and energy of the song. If I ever get back into creating concepts for albums, this will be used as a reference. If you haven’t heard Danny’s 2016 album Atrocity Exhibition, then you are SLACKIN’ ON YOUR MACKIN’!!!

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7.27.17 Thoughts: “Talkin’ Bout a Revolution”


Her tattoo, New Orleans, 2013

1. Change. The world and all of it’s inhabitants aren’t immune to life’s waving of the evolutionary wand. Some are very reluctant to open their minds to new experiences and whether they want to admit it or not, there’s always some form of suffering that follows. My view of manhood and how men should function in society was once skewed but my environment and peers. I wouldn’t say that I was homophobic but amongst the homies and other guys that I encountered in barbershops and in the street, you’d think that being gay was the worst thing since Blade: Trinity (that movie was super duper whack!). It wasn’t until I started to have friends from the LGBTQ community that I truly understood the need for solidarity. And around that time, I started to get in touch who I was as a person which led to discovering that masculinity wasn’t what I perceived it to be; Masculinity is way more complex than the propagated images of macho gun toting dudes that scream and enforce the lie that crying is for “pussies”. Being a man in 2017 requires respect and responsibility and that was instilled in me very early by my father and late grandfather. I hope to build upon lessons taught and be lifetime student of myself and my gender. Continue reading

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For The Day: 88 Keys x Kanye West “Stay Up (Viagra)”

“Try imagining something passionate
Between you Cassie and Kim Kardashian
Maybe that’ll work when you get to hit that ass again”Kanye West

In Spring/Summer of 2007, Kanye West dropped his Can’t Tell Me Nothin’ mixtape which featured a one minute and 50 second snippet of the 88 Keys and Kanye West collaboration “Stay Up (Viagra)”. I had to wait an entire year for 88 Keys to release it as a single.The flip of Imagination’s “All Night Loving” and of course anything from post Late Registration – pre Graduation ‘Ye were nothing less than dope.  Continue reading

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LISTEN! The Sexually Liberated Woman: Ep. 23: Men Need Sexual Liberation, Too

A lady friend of mine sent me the link to this podcast during my very slow workday. With nothing to do, I hit play and this proved to be just what the doctor ordered. For the 23rd episode of The Sexually Liberated Woman, host Ev’Yan Whitney interviews artist Expressions Untold and their discussion covered a lot of material. Sexual repression in men, the negative effects that toxic masculinity, the need for sexual liberation in both genders, body positivity for men, and tons more.

Check out the Expressions Untold tumblr for more information on the artist.

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Dominique Maldonado is DOPE!

Complex magazine sat down with “music nerd” Dominique Maldonado, founder of the hip-hop showcase Leaders of the New Cool, former manager of Q-Tip, and co-manager of Divine Council to discuss her humble beginnings, her inspirations and what drives her love for the music. I love to see fellow nerds flourish and prosper on the set. We truly make the world go round.

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For The Day: Kanye West “Diamonds From Sierra Leone”

Kanye’s Late Registration and Black Rob’s The Black Rob Report were two albums that helped to set off the beginning of senior year in college. I played Late Registration EVERYDAY. As much as I loved the “Diamonds” remix featuring Jay-Z and his “I’m not a businessman; I’m a business, man!” manifesto, for some reason I always preferred the solo Kanye version. As for the black and white visual filmed in Prague, I thought that it was super dope. It was around this era that I started to take notice to the artistic side of the Chi-town producer/emcee. I haven’t watched this video in close to a decade but it’s still fresh. I know I’d sound cliche by stating that I miss the old Kanye but the truth is the truth.

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Dangerous Days Review @ Nostalgia King


Check out my recent review of Dangerous Days, a short film written by Starkiller’s C.E. Garcia and directed by Vincent Enriquez on Nostalgia King


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7.25.17 Thoughts: Flower Boy, Meeting Rappers, Kelis, Music Journalism

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Corner Store Cat, 2011

1. I haven’t stopped listening to Tyler The Creator’s latest album, Flower Boy, since it’s official release on July 21st. I can say that this maybe Tyler’s best project yet in terms of content and production. Say whatever you want about Tyler and his uncanny trolling talents but when it comes to music, he always comes with a banger. Even his lesser efforts like Cherrybomb (I still like it!) had dope joints here and there so how could I, even at my highest Super Saiyan level of hate, deny that man’s musicality. My favorite tracks on this latest offering are “Sometimes” which makes me angry because it’s such an amazingly produced track but it’s only 36 seconds long, “Potholes” featuring Jayden Smith, “Where the Flower Blooms”, “November”, “Droppin’ Seeds” featuring Lil Wayne, which was a great surprise, “Garden Shed” (not that controversial if you actually LISTEN to the song) “Boredom” and of course the raw ruckus delivering that is “I Ain’t Got Time!”. It’s obvious that Tyler is an alumni of the school that Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo built BUT he’s taken what he’s learned and turned it into something that he owns. This and Kendrick’s DAMN. could be the projects of the year thus far that is until I listen to Shabazz Palace’s latest projects. Continue reading

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Word to Meek Mill…


Meek Mill, Catherine St. Rooftop, 2010

Yesterday, I decided to sift through a few photography files that I had stored on my old dusty Western Digital external drive. There were photos that I hadn’t seen in years and completely forgotten about. Parties, photo shoots, and other random shots that spanned over a couple years documented a time when I struck out on my own and had a taste of the kind of world that I wanted to be a part of. The biggest moment of my freelance career has to be credited to Philly’s own Meek Mill and Charlie Mack. Continue reading

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@GaryVee “When You Fear Everything You Fear Nothing”

Take notes from the God Gary Vee. I’m applying all that I’ve learned from his video blogs to my next moves and ventures. Yesterday, I told a few friends something to the effect of the day should be a marker for new beginnings. I had a lunch meeting set for that afternoon and I made an exclamation of how I wanted it work to in my favor. I’m happy to have a 9-5 but I’ll be damned if that’s all that I do or all that I’m known for legacy wise. I believe that the true way to give thanks for all you’re given is to take your gift serious and rise to the occasion EACH TIME.

Last Chance, No Breaks…

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