For The Day: Rich Chigga “Glow Like Dat”

Rich Chigga is an interesting artist and I enjoy most of his releases. The visuals for “Glow Like Dat” seems to take place in the same garden where Tyler The Creator can be seen on the cover of his latest project. I like that Chigga stays in his own lane. Yeah, there’s the trap sound involved but he made it his own which is KEY in today’s industry where it’s nothing but the attack of the clones.

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The Come Up! Complex Hustle: Sickamore

Around 2008 or 2009, when I first started to get into the blog game heavy, there were many sites with likeminded creatives that I connected with and Sickamore was one of those visionaries. His blog offered great content and allowed for awesome networking. Before any of us gave a thought to a blog, Sickamore was a king in the mixtape era. I would buy his instrumental tapes whenever I saw them out and about on 52nd street (West Philly!) in the early 2000s so you could imagine that it was pretty dope to be able to connect with him years later. As of now, Sickamore is currently the Creative Director for the house that Jimmy Iovine built, Interscope Records. He’s A&R projects for Travis Scott,YG, and Jeremih as well other creative endeavors within the music industry. I respect his hustle and you should too!

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Word to @AsapTwelvyy


If you’ve followed A$AP Mob member A$AP Twelvyy on social media then you are very familiar with his phrase “Last Year Being Broke”. It’s a mantra that has helped him to propel his career to new heights which included the release of his debut album, 12, earlier this month. Twelvyy has worked hard and it paid off with dividends. Every summer, I would tell my homie MP that this would be my last summer being broke but things would ALWAYS get in the way, namely student loans but game time has arrived and as a man that’s a few months shy of 33, I feel like I have to get my plays right for the 4th quarter.
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Cool Story! “The King of Mount Vernon”

All that I know about money earnin’ Mount Vernon came from Hip-Hop. I never set foot in the town but the way that it’s been described, it seemed to be a breeding ground for a quite a view thorough cats like Phylicia Rashad, Pete Rock, DJ Eddie F., P. Diddy, Al B. Sure, and the late great Heavy Diddly Diddly D just to name a few. In the above cartoon, Diddy shares a story about how Heavy D helped him land a meeting with Andre Harrell at Uptown Records. Sometimes all you need is the right opportunity to make it and once you get it, Show and Prove!

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Dope! Alexander Charles “Neon”

After a brief reunion with the homie during a Wooderice podcast, I had to check out his latest EP, Coconut Grove and it’s dope. A slick 5 song EP with dope production (Shout out to Bij Lincs). It was funny seeing him again considering that the last time that we crossed paths, I took photos of his former group, Ground Up in a South Philly studio for Philly’s JUMP Magazine.

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So I Went To See Annabelle:Creation….


This is will be a mix of my thoughts on the movie and my experience in the theater. I tried to see the Annabelle: Creation Saturday night but due to a power outage in the theater, that plan was a no go. The next day, I decided to try my luck again and I swear on everything that I love in this big wide universe, I wished that I stayed in my apartment. People wonder why I’ve developed a small disdain for human beings over the years well, yesterday would’ve answered every last one of those inquiries. Continue reading

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8.13.17 Thoughts…

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Maybe Swearing Will Help, 2016

1. On Instagram I saw a photo of Lloyd Banks with Westside Gunn and Conway and immediately I hoped that they had a collaboration in the making. In my opinion, Lloyd Banks is an underrated emcee that never got his just due even during G-Unit’s prominence. I own all of the albums and the mixtapes that Banks has released and he delivers ¬†quality raps on each project. Skill wise, he’s great but he has introverted tendencies which kept him out of the limelight. For example, he’ll drop a project and you wouldn’t see any visuals to support it and as we all know (or should know) content is necessary to maintain a presence in the digital age. I remember when Kanye West stated that Banks was one of his favorite emcees which led to two collaborations: “Christian Dior Denim Flow” and “Start It Up” which appears on Hunger For More 2, the sequel to Lloyd’s 2004 debut album. He’s worked with and is respected by many of the greats in Hip-Hop so it’s only right that he achieves the same level of admiration as his peers. I’d love to hear him collaborate with Roc Marciano, Westside Gunn, Conway, Hus Kingpin, Nas, and any other emcee that’s heavy on slick lyricism. Continue reading

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Current Mood: Intelligent Hoodlum “Arrest The President”

After today my energy is spent. I tried to front like I was numb to it all but nah it still brought me into a zone that I’m all too familiar with. The bullshit that’s happening in Charlottesville, Virginia shouldn’t shock me (and it doesn’t!) but it’s still unbelievable to witness that this nonsense still happens in this country. But America was founded on fuckery so again why should I expect that it’s citizens be civil with one another when the rules enforced by the government were originally meant to serve a certain group of people and oppress others. Politics as usual…

I don’t ride with 45…

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For The Day: A$AP Ferg “East Coast Remix”

Until A$AP Ferg drops his upcoming album Still Striving on August 18th, there are a few joints that you can get with the pre-order. The “East Coast Remix” features Busta Rhymes, A$AP Rocky, Dave East, French Montana, Rick Ross and Snoop Dogg. I’m in the process of concocting an ill work out mix and THIS HAS TO BE ON IT.

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8.11.17 Thoughts…


1. My grandfather used to talk about getting your proper rest and nowadays sleep is a luxury. Having a job that requires me to wake up at 6am plus a pretty popping life after the 9 to 5 ends means there’s little room for relaxation. I took off a few days in the upcoming week from work just to give myself a bit of RE:UP time. Besides working, I also contribute to Nostalgia King, Philly’s Wooder Ice, and a few other endeavors that I’ll add to my credits by year’s end. Now it’s all about pacing myself and taking it a day a time even if that means that my personal life has to suffer for a while; It’s for the good of my future. Lights. Camera. Action. Continue reading

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