8.23.17 Thoughts… Music To My Ears…

With music, I’m happy to know that there’s so much of it that exists. Though I don’t listen to commercial radio that often, I make it my business to be aware of every artists that’s making noise. And that even applies to the trash rappers. Know thy enemy. Currently, I’m fixated on going beyond the realms of hip-hop. There’s so much about House music that I’ve yet to discover. I’ve learned tons from 70’s Funk and R&B, 80’s New Wave, and of course the 90’s New Jack Swing Era. Speaking of the New Jack Swing era, do you know how instrumental Teddy Riley was in breaking Michael Jackson into the 90s? As legendary as Quincy Jones is, I don’t know if he could’ve made “Dangerous” as impactful as Teddy did. Also honorable mention goes to Marley Marl, who during that New Jack era, became the crown ruler of remixes.

A little late but whatever, it’s still a jam and probably will be a jam for days to come. Vanjess and Masego made a CUT with “Touch The Floor”

Washed Out‘s latest album, Mister Mellow, is one of my favorite projects of 2017. I hadn’t heard from him in a while and I was began to wonder if he was still in the game or had simply moved on to other things. Mister Mellow has all of what I loved about Washed Out’s previous projects but has added a bit of flare to his formula of production. With this project, he isn’t just the “Chillwave God”, he’s pushing his limits and on a label like Stones Throw, he fits right in.

I could really dedicate an entire 24 hour day to discovering new music and finding new artists to listen to. The COLORS Channel on Youtube has exposed me to a lot of dope artists from across the water. Miles from Kinshasa’s “Could We Just Talk Instead?” is what the vibe is all about. Artists from the UK are delivering so much in terms of diverse musical content.


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