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For The Day: G Perico “All Blue”

New joint from G Perico which is the first single from his upcoming album dropping via Priority Records on April 28th. His last project had jams all over it and the new album shouldn’t disappoint.

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4.20.17 Thoughts


1. Live, Suffer, then Celebrate. If you want to be better then you have to go through fire of some kind. There’s no progress with the accumulation of bumps and bruises. Being at my lowest in life has brought me to many of my highest points and provided me with fantastic survival tactics to handle whatever will be thrown my direction. Fear not! negatives can bring forth life altering positives. Continue reading

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For The Day: Geechi Gotti “Gangbangaz”

I first heard of Geechi Gotti via his battles on King Of The Dot’s Youtube Channel. As a battler he’s DOPE and as a rapper – especially with this track – he definitely has potential to make his presence known on the West Coast. By the way (and this is definitely a preferential admission) but I love Gang Rap. I’m not a gang banger, gang affiliate or any like that but damn it man it seems that most of the rappers that I love listening to from the West Coast are in a gang. The production is always fire, these rappers can actually RAP and I’d rather listen to that music than what’s on the radio.


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Very Necessary!! Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers

I remember Christmas 1992 when I received Street Fighter II for Super Nintendo. My favorite fighter was Guile and that’s solely because he had a move list that I could perform (I struggled for years with Ryu and Ken’s hadouken move). Street Fighter as a brand is legendary and it’s been long time favorite. The benefits of owning a Nintendo Switch besides The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the soon to be released Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is that I will have the chance to play Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers and relive my glory days of button mashing and unleashing beautiful flurries of combos on my opponents. When this drops, my social life will be on pause for a while. Quite the sacrifice that will be worth every minute.

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For The Day: Nas “One Love”

Q-Tip will forever be on my list of great hip-hop producers… FOREVER

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4.18.17 Thoughts


1. Kendrick’s DAMN. album is a masterpiece although I prefer To Pimp A Butterfly to this one in terms of production but content wise this album is jamming. I had little to no expectations for this album which made the experience way better. With every album, his writing improves. My favorite tracks – thus far – are “YAH”, “FEEL.” “XXX.” and “GOD”. Continue reading

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For The Day: Snoop Dogg “Super Crip”

It’s Friday morning and I didn’t get much sleep last night which was due to listening to Kendrick Lamar’s latest album DAMN. and it will be played relentlessly all weekend.

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I Don’t Care…


“I used to give a fuck, now I give a fuck less.” – Jay-Z “Success”

We are all guilty of caring about the wrong things. We have priorities in our lives that we will willfully ignore just to worry about something stupid that doesn’t matter. I was the king of that shit and I’m not proud of it. I own it but it’s a filthy habit that I want no parts of. It’s like that girl/guy that you hook up with after a party. Yeah they gave you a bit of activity but you know that you were dead wrong for getting intimate with them in the first place. If you know better then you do better. Continue reading

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4.12.17 Thoughts


1. The art of conversation has been lost on our generation. We (not me but y’all!) don’t know how to talk to each other any more and it’s wack. Communication is very undervalued these days which explains why there’s so much interpersonal fuckery. People have to read more and use twitter and Instagram less. I may elaborate on this with a future vlog but we have to do better. And to all the guys trying to catch the attention of woman of substance, everything that comes out of your mouthpiece has got to be flawless and if not flawless, let it be as earnest as possible. Continue reading

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For The Day: NxWorries “Scared Money”

NxWorries’ Yes Lawd! album is EASILY one of my favorite projects of 2016. The first half of the video is inspired by Paid In Full and the 2nd half features a remix to “Best One” which will be on the upcoming Yes Lawd! Remix album produced by Knxwledge. Shout out to Calmatic, the director of the Scared Money visual.

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