Outspoken… Can’t Stop… Won’t Stop…

Bugging Out!
Bugging Out!

As I sit here listening to Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T. (Demo)”, I have nothing to complain about in my personal life and that’s fantastic. I find myself being the most vocal on topics via Twitter but it’s like I’m truly wasting my energy on that platform. It’s like yelling out into a big empty space with the occasional echo but that’s whack. I can see why Kanye West only tweets when the times right. I’ll save my energy for the blog. It’s my personality and how hard (and somewhat stubborn) I am with my beliefs. I’ve been this way for a long time and it’s no point in being any other way. There are some whack, culture vultures in the mix. You have posers that go so hard for attention and want to be seen as the complete opposite of what they actually are. People are people and individuals act as they will BUT when everyone acts the same and I have to deal with them since they’re in my city at all the events or PROMOTING the events, yo… I have speak my piece with my piece and If I sense something that’s loaded with goofiness, I’ll say it loud and clear instead of holding my tongue as to not to offend a clown or two because they may have a little “power”… a little “juice”. My opinions will ruffle feathers but it is what it is and I’ll ride out for my cause… I am the Underground King!



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