What’s Trippy?: Salvia

When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself – Bob Marley The above quote from the late great Bob Marley referred to his love of the ever popular marijuana plant. Cheeba. Ganja. Weed. But I on the other hand am using that quotation for another purpose: Salvia! First, I’d like to say that […]

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MIL-K “Mothership”

I’m upset. Why am I upset? Because I didn’t expect this AT ALL. I believe that I know good music when I hear it and sometimes people ask me to listen to joints that I actually regret listening to but “Mothership” by MIL-K aka Jamil Kayin didn’t disappoint me at all. The opening to this […]

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In Appreciation: Arsenio Hall

He came back. Arsenio Hall is back on television and it’s bittersweet. It’s great to see him on my TV once again, starting from where he left off but there was such an incredible void. Arsenio’s show ended in 1994 and since then a cavalcade of events occurred right after another that shifted and reshaped […]

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@XDannyXBrownX “Dip”

Danny Brown is one of my favorite emcees/personalities in Hip-Hop and I’m looking forward to purchasing his “Old” album when it drops. I love this song due to elements of house music that I grew up listening to as a youth. As far as beats go, Skywlkr, laced Danny with one hell of a banger. […]

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Love To Hate: Strip Clubs Part One

It’s like a drug. A ridiculously addictive and somewhat expensive drug. You know that deep down it isn’t good for you (or your pockets) but you do it anyway. A fiend. A dope fiend that can’t get enough of scintillating beauties with bodies built for battle. Physical specimens with more devastating curves than Cleveland’s Innerbelt. […]

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