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Wordplay: @AyeVerb vs @TheSaurus831 #BATB4

Word has it that one of my favorite battle rappers, Aye Verb, will be retiring from the sport in May. He’s had a great run over the past 8 years and I’ll be looking forward to his next moves. His last mixtape, God.King.Xerxes, had JAMS on it. Verb’s battle against another legendary battle emcee, TheSaurus, was a great back and forth and the true winner of this bout are the fans. Salute!

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South African Battle Rap?! YEAAAHH!!!

As a writer and as an overall fan of Hip-Hop culture, Battle rap has become one of my favorite pastimes over the past few years. I got a taste of international battle rap during the WRCs (World Rap Championship) close to ten years ago during their 2 on 2 tourney on JumpOff TV. British and Aussie battlers mixed it up with contestants in the US and it was quite entertaining although some of the rappers that competed were TRASH at freestyling. Straight up hot garbage to be precise. Continue reading

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Word Play: PH vs Yung Casper

Shout out to King of The Dot for releasing PH’s last battle. PH did what PH is known for doing in these kinds of situations by schooling Yung Casper. PH was indeed a battle rap vet but more importantly, from what I’ve heard from those that knew him personally, he was one hell of an individual. I almost didn’t make it past Casper’s round due to the sound of his voice but my ears adjusted to it.

RIP Robert “PH” Diaz

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Word Play: QP vs 100 Bulletz

King of The Dot releases their QP vs 100 Bulletz battle from their Back 2 Basics 2 event in LA. I’m a fan of QP’s writing style and I wish that he battled more often.

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Word Play: Shotgun Suge VS T-TOP

Latest of the URL Battle releases… Shotgun Suge vs T-Top. Check it out…

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Wordplay: Tony D vs Unanymous

Sheesh!!! All I can about this battle is that Unanymous wasn’t ready… I like Unanymous as a battler but he didn’t do enough and honestly I feel like there were better choices for this match which can be seen through out all 3 rounds… Tony D is the champion for a reason… that man is a problem.

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Carter Deems is a Battle Rap King!

“You walk in my house and you’re gonna hear the toaster pop/’Cause I eat toast a lot/and you can have some too but be careful…Toast is hot”

This is how you do it… You don’t have to be on that typical gangsta vibe with gun bar after gun bar. If you are great with your skill, like really honed your craft and are secure enough with who you are as a person first and foremost and then as a battler, there’s no stopping you. You know the old adage: Brains over Brawn. As you can see, though he may appear different from those in this battle everybody dug his style of rhyming. Also he’s a pretty cool dude, he’s one of the few battlers that will actually respond on twitter (@VegetarianArms). I spent a nice amount of the day quoting his bars from this battle… Daylyt was right.

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Wordplay: Charlie Clips vs Marv Won

I love Charlie Clips and I love Marv Won. This battle, in my opinion was more for the fans than an actual war between emcees especially when it only lasted ONE ROUND. This and the Daylyt vs Quest Mcody battles were the illest of the BBG Power event.

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Wordplay: Beach vs XCEL

I hate reading Youtube comments… This battle was a clear 3-0. Beach wasn’t trash at all but I felt that Xcel – who’s quickly becoming one of my favorite battle rappers to watch – really put in a serious amount of work. Good battle with great energy minus Beach’s folly in the 3rd round of course.

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Wordplay: Big Kannon vs Ill Will

Unexpected match but nonetheless a war of words. Big Kannon is underrated as a battler. He’s great with punchlines and wordplay. Ill Will is a beast but past few battles (not including X-Factor) weren’t his best showings but this was truly a return to form. As far as RBE goes… This league has good battles with names that I’m aware of and those that I never heard of before, I won’t even watch and why? Well my time is valuable and I can’t waste it on subpar bars and performances.

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