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Quite The Come Up… Prince: Alter Ego


On April 21st, we lost Prince, one of the true Gods of music. I took it pretty hard and I’ll eventually do a vlog about it but for now, let’s focus on one of my recent findings. See it’s always cool to have friends in high places like the comic book store. My buddy Brian who’s helps to hold down Brave New Worlds in Old City Philadelphia informed me that the shop had two of these for sale and I couldn’t miss out on owning this piece of music history. Continue reading

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Never Call Wolverine Overrated…


You can say whatever you want about me, you can diss my blog, my dope ass vinyl collection but you will not, I repeat will NOT say that James Howlett aka Logan aka Wolverine is the most overrated comic book character. This all started yesterday evening while perusing my often times “off the wall” Facebook timeline. I spotted a link, “Why Cyclops, Wolverine & Storm are Marvel’s Mutant Trinity” and as a day one X-Men fan (well they were out in the 60’s long before I came on the planet but whatever you know what I mean) I had to check it out and sheesh, what a mistake that was. Continue reading

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Just The Tips: A Sexual Guide From The Creators Image Comics’ SEX CRIMINALS

Just The Tips cover

If you followed the blog or follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram, then you know how big of a fan I am of Sex Criminals. Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky are at it again with Just The Tips: A Sexual Guide From The Creators Image Comics’ SEX CRIMINALS, a collection of “tips, tricks, moves, advice, suggestions, stories, and confessions, how-tos, do’s, don’ts, and do-agains-but-slower-this-times from the unmissable letters column of SEX CRIMINALS, alongside all-new material specially created for this collection only.” If you’re like me and you’re down for sexual fuckery, then I recommend getting this as a stocking stuffer. Just The Tips will be released December 3rd! Continue reading

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All-New Captain America #1


What I’ve waited months for finally hit newsstands and comic books stores: All-New Captain America #1! Sam Wilson -formerly known as Falcon – now dons the uniform as the new leader of the Avengers. Hydra is getting out of control and the world needs a hero to keep them in their place. I bought Variant editions of this comic as one will be read and the other will be untouched and wrapped in plastic FOREVER. Written by Rick Remender with Art by Stuart Immonen, an new adventure arises that Cap fan’s new and old will really enjoy. I also take a personal moment of triumph since there’s a hero that looks like me minus the height and muscles… well you know what I’m saying. I’m down for diversity, especially in comic books and it get’s no bigger than Captain America. Take a look for a preview after the jump Continue reading

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The Dopeness of “Sex Criminals”

Sex Criminals

Sex Criminals is one of the greatest titles in the comics… PERIOD. In a world of superheroes and super villains with powers that make mere mortals appear much more mortal, it’s refreshing to find titles that the everyman (and woman) can relate to on a human level. Now, I’m not saying that Spider-Man or The Avengers aren’t human and aren’t sharing their personalities and emotions with their audience but it’s different when a character isn’t given (or born with) a great power that comes with an even greater responsibility. Sex Criminals appeals to me on an intimate level; we all try to understand love and use love as a conduit to understand who we really are as people. Continue reading

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