Never Call Wolverine Overrated…


You can say whatever you want about me, you can diss my blog, my dope ass vinyl collection but you will not, I repeat will NOT say that James Howlett aka Logan aka Wolverine is the most overrated comic book character. This all started yesterday evening while perusing my often times “off the wall” Facebook timeline. I spotted a link, “Why Cyclops, Wolverine & Storm are Marvel’s Mutant Trinity” and as a day one X-Men fan (well they were out in the 60’s long before I came on the planet but whatever you know what I mean) I had to check it out and sheesh, what a mistake that was.

We all are entitled to our opinions and for the sake of the argument, this isn’t too serious of a post. I’m a Nerd (Thanks Brian for never letting me forget LOL) but that much of one that I’m going to go cry and throw a full on tantrum over a fictional character but damn it I’ll still go somewhat hard in the paint.

“Wolverine is perhaps the most overrated character in comics. In too many stories he’s so blatantly god-moded that he’s clearly an author insert. The ridiculous MarySuing aside, leadership wise Logan is the ideal black ops leader and his being appointed the leader of X-Force was brilliant. He can make the hard calls in the bad situations and come out of impossible scenarios standing tall.”

Are you serious? Logan earned his stripes in these Marvel streets. Is it his fault that he had adamantium in his bones? Is he responsible for that healing factor? NAH SON! These are all things that have worked for him and against him. Wolverine’s growth from a lone wolf to team leader wasn’t an easy stride, it took time for him to become the character that he is today (well before Marvel killed him.) You have to respect the necessity for his badass-ness. And If you want to talk about OVERRATED comic book characters… SUPERMAN is the number one candidate. Do you mean to tell me that a pair of glasses kept the world from realizing that Clark Kent was indeed Superman? So everybody in Metropolis including the criminal mastermind Lex Luthor didn’t notice that Clark had a striking resemblance to his arch enemy?! Yeah how about a bowl of Get The F*ck Outta Here to go with that Bullsh*t sandwich.

And as far as the author’s love of Cyclops goes… I can’t hate. Cyclops role as leader is similar to that of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo but last time I checked Leonardo didn’t try to cock block Raphael from “spitting game” to April O’Neal. Wolverine loved Jean like Eric Clapton loved Cream. That’s all that I have to say about that and if anyone else decides to diss the god Logan, look forward to a very trollish yet anonymous comment under your post.



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