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BoogaSuga x Reservoirofquality POP-UP SHOP 3.11.17


I’m definitely coming through to support the good homie Quality Tom of Reservoirofquality…. It’s dope to have events like these happen in my neck of the woods. The more culture the better…

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@GaryVee “How I Stay Focused”

Gary and I share the same motivation. Gratitude. I’m thankful for a lot and I owe much of it to my parents and my grandparents. I was fortunate to have a foundation that was solely built upon their love and sacrifices. I can’t afford to ruin my chances at a better life. Whenever I feel a hint of self doubt, they are who I think about.


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Virgil Abloh & Heron Preston Interview w/ Communiversity

In order to be the best, you have to learn from those that currently at the top of their game. I’ve followed Virgil and Heron for years via magazines, tumblr, and any other source of media. When I used to hang with Asaad, a Philly based rapper, I was exposed to another side of the culture. Love them or hate them, you can’t hate on their hustle. Young brothers on the move taking the culture by storm… you gotta love it.

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