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Interview: Ebro In The Morning w/ Daymond John

Front if you want but I wore almost every version of FUBU that came out. I proudly wore the FUBU 05 jerseys and the Platinum FUBU collection with Fat Albert and Muhammad Ali. I think people started to hate because other people told them that it wasn’t “cool” anymore but what can I expect from sheep. Anyway, Daymond John is a G to me (G is for Genius) because of his business acumen. I picked up a lot of game from his first book titled The Brand Within. It taught me early on that just because a few individuals found success in certain areas, it didn’t mean that we needed to follow their footsteps to make money. We all can’t have impactful fashion or liquor brands but we can create our own lanes to get to the top. And for that tidbit of information, Daymond will forever be righteous (in terms of business) in my mind.

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Uncut Kanye West Interview (2013)

I don’t know what’s going on with Kanye these days. I don’t think of us truly know but whatever it is, I hope it’s progressive. Whenever he decides to talk about music or art, I tend to listen because more often than not, there’s vital information that gives a deeper understanding of a creative mind. It’s interesting to see what he thought during the year when he released Yeezus, which seemed to be his most controversial project to date. You either loved Yeezus or you hated it but I walked the line between the two extremes. He discusses his relationship and admiration of Dilla, his perspectives about music and the making of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

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The Breakfast Club interview w/ Wood Harris

Pretty cool interview with Wood Harris, an actor that I was first introduced to via his supporting goon role in Above The Rim. Everybody seems to mention Paid In Full and The Wire for what he’s most known for but I think my favorite movie of his maybe the Jimi Hendrix biopic. Check it out…

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DJ Semtex interview w/ Drake 2.18.17

This is an insightful interview with DJ Semtex. Drake discusses everything from the creation of Views, the upcoming More Life project, Quentin Miller, working with Dr. Dre and of course the issue with Meek Mill.

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@GaryVee “Move the F*ck On”

Words of wisdom on a Friday morning courtesy of Gary Vaynerchuk. He doesn’t hold his tongue in this interview with Shark Tank’s Daymond John.

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The Breakfast Club interview w/ Malcolm Gladwell

One of the greatest minds and writers of our time finally sits down with the Breakfast Club crew. I have a lot of his books in my collection. Once I finish up with The Four Agreements, I’m going to read David And Goliath.


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The Breakfast Club Interview w/ Emory Jones

If you’ve listened to Hov over the years or followed Roc-A-Fella since it’s inception, then the name Emory Jones should be very familiar to you. Jay-Z would always mention Emory in his rhymes and it kept his name alive during his imprisonment. After his incarceration, he joined RocNation as a lifestyle specialist and the rest is history.

Peace to “Vegas” Jones!

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The Breakfast Club Interview w/ Jay Ellis

Jay Ellis became a hero to many of us in the last episode of Insecure. I was so inspired by his performance with Tasha The Bank Teller that I went to my local Wells Fargo where I make my monthly deposits for rent hoping to make a come up. I should’ve worn my 10 year old Best Buy shirt for good measure.

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My Favorite 50 Cent Interview of ALL TIME!!!

Before French Montana made “Pop That” and had other hits, he was known for his Cocaine City DVDs. Back in the mid 2000s, the everybody had some sort of DVD hustle going on but the most memorable series, in my opinion, were Smack and Cocaine City. Nowadays, 50 and French Montana aren’t the best of friends but back in the day they made history with this legendary interview. Besides the Fat Joe beef, which has since been squashed, 50 drops gems! Serious gems. I loved watching this whenever I needed a surge of inspiration. When it comes to business, you’d be crazy to ignore what’s he been able to do since the release of 2003’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’. He’s certified in my book.

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Sway In The Morning w/ The Punany Poets

The Punany Poets discuss sex and the ability to orgasm in a major way. I hope I learn something from this so that I can be applied in the necessary environments.

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