Invest in Yourself….


I wasted money on dumb shit. Sneakers, T-Shirts, Magazines, Video Games, Music equipment that I barely devoted any of my time to, amongst other frivolities. I’d always look at my account and say to myself, “Damn son, where did all the money go?”. Here’s the thing: I’m not a big spender and most of the money goes towards bills and student loans and the little bit that’s left gets spent on food and whatever crosses my mind. With cash, I didn’t always make the best decisions which led to unnecessary agitation down the line. A few years ago, I heard someone make mention of those obnoxiously long lines that form outside of sneaker stores whenever a new pair of Jordans or Foamposites were released and stated that for the same amount of dough spent on those high end kicks, one could start their own LLC, own a website, invest in stocks or their own personal business. Gradually, that started to click and I decided to put my extra bit of pocket change toward rebranding myself.

“Make Sense Don’t It? Now Make Dollars!”Jay-Z “I Love The Dough”

There’s an interview with rapper/producer Big Krit where he discusses the importance of   putting the money toward your business. Out of all of the gems that he shared, “You gotta invest in your career man, especially when nobody else will” stuck with me the most. Since there are many different interests that I’m currently pursuing (all at once it seems),  I’m making sure that I’m paying for what will strengthen my brand instead of what I think will match with a pair of blue jeans and sneakers. You hear it time and time again about those with money not dressing as if they have millions in assets while those with little to nothing will wear all of their money as a belt buckle or gaudy chain that hangs around their soon to be impoverished neck. Once my business is straight and I have the luxury of buying nice things, I might treat myself to a few items but that’s never been my goal in this life. Fancy cars, big dumb ass lonely mansions, and anything else that’s supposedly attached to those living the lifestyle of the rich and famous never really interested me. During a conversation that I had earlier, I told someone that I didn’t care if I lived a in quaint house on a back block in Tokyo carrying on with the most minimalist existence, as long as I’m happy with my choices and my life is straight, then I’m all good. Fuck the money and all of what it can bring you (stress is the financial accessory that’s hardly ever discussed by RAPPERS!) find value in yourself, your craft and/or business, and stay positive. It will eventually pay off but maintain patience because you’ll need ever piece of it.



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