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Interview: Ebro In The Morning w/ Daymond John

Front if you want but I wore almost every version of FUBU that came out. I proudly wore the FUBU 05 jerseys and the Platinum FUBU collection with Fat Albert and Muhammad Ali. I think people started to hate because other people told them that it wasn’t “cool” anymore but what can I expect from sheep. Anyway, Daymond John is a G to me (G is for Genius) because of his business acumen. I picked up a lot of game from his first book titled The Brand Within. It taught me early on that just because a few individuals found success in certain areas, it didn’t mean that we needed to follow their footsteps to make money. We all can’t have impactful fashion or liquor brands but we can create our own lanes to get to the top. And for that tidbit of information, Daymond will forever be righteous (in terms of business) in my mind.

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KENZO “Music is my Mistress”

Kahlil Joseph is a cinematic visionary. I loved the music videos that he’s directed for Shabazz Palaces who are also featured in this short film, as well as what Beyonce’s Lemonade. The film features Tracee Ellis Ross, Jesse Williams and cellist Kelsey Lu. Really dope.

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Fresh!!! Stussy Pink Strapback Baseball Hat


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I felt the need to ride the vibe of the color scheme. Urban Outfitters had the Stussy Pink Strapback Baseball Hat online and I had to get it.

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Style Aspirations… Bell Biv Devoe


Growing up in the early 90s had amazing visual benefits. The fashion that Hip-Hop created during that era was thee coolest. Fly clothes, loud ass colors, and ill basketball sneakers made the cipher complete. The best dressed artists in that time, at least for me, were Bell Biv Devoe. When the Poison album came out, I couldn’t stop staring at the cover. I never saw ANYONE dressed like them. My parents were young so they were up on fashion and they kept my appearance superior even if I only cared about Nintendo at the time but I never saw anything like BBD. Ricky Bell, Ronnie Devoe and Mike Bivins earned their place in the 90s fashion Hall of Fame with this photo alone. Also, Mike Bivins said that he was still “clockin’ the hoes” on “Poison”. Give him a trophy or certificate for being the Greatest of all time.

All Hail New Jack Swing!!

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Just Kickin’ It: Vans x Disney Mickey Mouse Slip-Ons


I had these kicks for about a year and today, for some reason, I decided to wear these bad boys. I’m a big kid at heart so anything that has even the smallest hint of nostalgia will reign in my attention. The Vans X Disney collaboration released quite a few dope creations. I even bagged the low top Pooh lace ups from Urban Outfitters when they were on sale . The coolest thing about these sneakers, besides the retro Mickey design, is that it makes me feel even more unique. In a world full of extravagant sneaker brands, where its more so about looking good in the eyes of others instead of for yourself, I find that wearing shoes like these truly exhibit one’s sense of self. And I’m sure by the time I’m an old man, I’ll still rock kicks like these because well.. why shouldn’t I?

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New Joint!!! “Sun God Ra Pendant” by GoodWoodNYC


GoodWoodNYC is one of my favorite brands. The first piece that I ever owned by the company was an all black Africa pendant that I bought from UBIQ back in 2009/2010. The same day that I bought it, a few suckas saw me with it and went right into UBIQ and bought the same piece and couldn’t look me in the eye when I saw them on the street 20 minutes later. COMEDY! I used to see my father wearing the black, red, and green beads in the early 90s and I always appreciated that style. I’m a huge fan of Ancient Egypt and it’s mythology so adding this piece to my collection was a must. What makes the Sun God Ra Pendant interesting is the layering of Blood wood, Yellow Wood and Basswood to create a piece with depth. The detailing is very intricate with carvings of hieroglyphics the overall design makes this a great look.

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The Art Of Thrifting: Part One by @TonyLogan


I’ve known Tony for years via the Internets and I’ve always thought that he was on point style wise and I’ve tried to pick up a few pointers and gems from this brother whenever I had the opportunity. I’m down with the “Each one Teach one” state of thinking and I felt like Tony’s experiences and keen eye for style in the world of thrifting should be shared with the world so without further ado….  Continue reading

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