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7.27.17 Thoughts: “Talkin’ Bout a Revolution”


Her tattoo, New Orleans, 2013

1. Change. The world and all of it’s inhabitants aren’t immune to life’s waving of the evolutionary wand. Some are very reluctant to open their minds to new experiences and whether they want to admit it or not, there’s always some form of suffering that follows. My view of manhood and how men should function in society was once skewed but my environment and peers. I wouldn’t say that I was homophobic but amongst the homies and other guys that I encountered in barbershops and in the street, you’d think that being gay was the worst thing since Blade: Trinity (that movie was super duper whack!). It wasn’t until I started to have friends from the LGBTQ community that I truly understood the need for solidarity. And around that time, I started to get in touch who I was as a person which led to discovering that masculinity wasn’t what I perceived it to be; Masculinity is way more complex than the propagated images of macho gun toting dudes that scream and enforce the lie that crying is for “pussies”. Being a man in 2017 requires respect and responsibility and that was instilled in me very early by my father and late grandfather. I hope to build upon lessons taught and be lifetime student of myself and my gender. Continue reading

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LISTEN! The Sexually Liberated Woman: Ep. 23: Men Need Sexual Liberation, Too

A lady friend of mine sent me the link to this podcast during my very slow workday. With nothing to do, I hit play and this proved to be just what the doctor ordered. For the 23rd episode of The Sexually Liberated Woman, host Ev’Yan Whitney interviews artist Expressions Untold and their discussion covered a lot of material. Sexual repression in men, the negative effects that toxic masculinity, the need for sexual liberation in both genders, body positivity for men, and tons more.

Check out the Expressions Untold tumblr for more information on the artist.

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What 4:44 Meant To Me (The Song and Emotions and Stuff…)


“I apologize to all the women whom I toyed with your emotions because I was emotionless…” Jay-Z

Shit happens. That may sound dismissive but trust me when I say that those two words contain a multitude of emotions. My HBK (Heartbreak Kid) tattoo that finds it’s home on the inside of my left wrist is a statement of understanding and not one of pride or regret. I’m not without my flaws but I’ve grown immensely and I can credit my wheelings and dealings with women for a huge boost in my emotional maturity. I equate running from commitments to jogging in place; you may think that your ducking and dodging but you’ll be stuck in a perpetual loop unless you rid yourself of that phobia and go for it. Continue reading

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Single Life: I’m Not a Player I Just…

Hmmm which one applies to me: I’m not a player I just f*ck a lot? I’m not a player I just lust a lot? Or I’m not a player I just date a lot because I can’t seem to find what I want? All three have applied to me at some point in my adulthood. Hell, if I’m being honest, they still do! But, as of late I’ve entered into my prime and though I’m uncertain of how long it will last, I am sure that it’s going to be a great time to be alive. Continue reading

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A Single Life: The Quest…

Picture this: You’ve just broken up with your girlfriend – yes, the one that you swore up and down that you were going to marry – and you’re about to be single again. What do you do? Where do you go? How do you learn how to walk again? For four years I’ve had to build, destroy, and then rebuild again. It hasn’t been easy but when was it ever? Continue reading

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A Single Life: The Journey

For some, the single life is a bit too much. Some believe that being alone is reflection of romantic ineptitudes while another percentage of the population rides the wave. I know how it feels to be in both positions. Moments of self loathing wondering what in the hell was wrong with me and then through self exploration coming to the realization that all of my problems were all self made projections. Continue reading

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The Arrival of “Cuffing Season”

It’s mid-August and the summer is nearing it’s annual completion. Fun times in the sunshine are quickly fading and all of those flings are flung. All of a sudden it starts to sink in that once the seasons change, you don’t want to be alone when it’s cold outside while everyone else has love connections. From an outsiders standpoint “Cuffing Season” sounds ridiculous. A time period where you find a companion for the sole reason of NOT being lonely during the colder months is a bit funny but let me tell you, as a single “classic” man, it’s no joke. Continue reading

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Thinking Like Marcus Graham…


As a film, Boomerang contained vital information for my everyday life, well dating life. You can’t be a player forever. Everybody has their time and if you wear out your welcome, the sweet taste of defeat will Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Makoto leg sweep you off of your feet. Janet Jackson told us years ago that “That’s the way love goes”.  As a single guy in a society where dating has become more complicated than ever, I have to keep myself in a stable frame of mind. Am I a player? I don’t think so but others assume differently. Maybe it’s because I haven’t settled down yet and I won’t until I find the one that feels right. I could find her tomorrow or years from now but that’s what makes it all worth it. Continue reading

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Single Life: They Wanna Be Seen On The Scene….

Whenever I move around the town more often than not, I run into good friends and associates especially in the Rittenhouse Square area of town. After spending most of my afternoon sweating and busting my ass while moving into my new apartment, I had to make my way downtown to handle a bit of business (get a SEPTA transpass for the week and hit OMOI ZAKKA for candles). Fortunately for me, while on this trip, I ran into the homie Quality Tom, who was just about to go on break from his gig in the city. Before I get into the meat and potatoes of this post, Tom is officially the plug since he put me on to a pair of Nike Roshe Runs from Buffalo Exchange that only cost me about $30. Me and the Nike Swoosh are going hand and hand in this summer. Continue reading

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Dealing With The Young Girl Blues

The internet went into a rave over Tyga and Kylie Jenner’s rumored relationship. The 25 year old Tyga allegedly dating a 17 year old had many of you shaking your head in disapproval and trust me, I too thought that was wack if that is indeed the case. If I had a daughter that wasn’t old enough to vote, there’d be no way in hell that I’d be cool with her hanging out with a guy in his mid-20s. That’s grounds for a Wu-Tang style showdown. But it made me think for a moment, of my personal experiences with dating younger women (who were all of legal age) and the pros and cons. Continue reading

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