New Joint!!! “Sun God Ra Pendant” by GoodWoodNYC


GoodWoodNYC is one of my favorite brands. The first piece that I ever owned by the company was an all black Africa pendant that I bought from UBIQ back in 2009/2010. The same day that I bought it, a few suckas saw me with it and went right into UBIQ and bought the same piece and couldn’t look me in the eye when I saw them on the street 20 minutes later. COMEDY! I used to see my father wearing the black, red, and green beads in the early 90s and I always appreciated that style. I’m a huge fan of Ancient Egypt and it’s mythology so adding this piece to my collection was a must. What makes the Sun God Ra Pendant interesting is the layering of Blood wood, Yellow Wood and Basswood to create a piece with depth. The detailing is very intricate with carvings of hieroglyphics the overall design makes this a great look.


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