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My Statement….

It’s been a crazy week. After July 4th, there seemed to be back to back to back drama going on in this country of ours and instead of staying silent and keeping my words to myself, I decided to SAY SOMETHING. I wrote this the day before the senseless shootings that happened in Dallas, Texas. I want to send love and peace to all of those affected by last week’s tragedies.

Good Night!

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Word To The Third… Def Jam Poetry: Frenchie “Fucking Ain’t Conscious”

Every Friday night, I used to turn to HBO to watch an episode of Def Poetry Jam. The Mos Def hosted program would feature up and coming poets and one or two celebrities delivering a prose of their own or reciting a piece by another well known author. Though I enjoyed many of the poets that I saw, there were a select few that kicked the same old style of poetry down to the cadence and subject matter and they bored me. If you’ve been to open mics or watch slam poetry competitions, then you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. It can come across as too preachy, self righteous, and pretentious and all I can think of is the quote from the Dark Knight’s Joker, “Why So Serious?”.

Frenchie’s poem, “Fucking Ain’t Conscious” says it all for me. Yeah, of course, we as black folks have to be mindful of what’s going on and yes, we should always “stay woke” but damn the “revolution” doesn’t apply to every part of our lives. My friend Hezekiah released an album titled Conscious Porn in 2010 (I’m featured in the skits as a perverted doctor named Cocque Johnson) that dealt with that same notion that yes we can be conscious but there’s nothing wrong with celebrating the other parts of life like SEX. Yes SEX. SEX is my shit. And as much as I’m about furthering the culture and promoting the importance of #BlackLivesMatter, I’m very much in tune to love, love making, and being a freak in general. You can’t be one way all of the time, it makes the joys of everyday life feel very mundane.

The Duality of Man…

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Poem: “SHEesh”


Words for the day before V-Day

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Poem: “Cry 4 Who?”


Inspired by loves that never came to fruition.

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Poem: “Wildfire Ryo 1989”


Been a minute since I wrote a poem of merit … No Rust Will Set In

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Poem: Detailed (4Nolo)


From Philly to South Africa… Words go around the world

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Poem: Batman ’89


Why did I call it Batman ’89? For me to know and for you to ask me about down the line sometime….

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Still Dope…. Def Jam Poetry: Kanye West “Self Conscious”

I spent 400 hundred bucks on this just to be like “Ni**a you ain’t up on this!” Kanye West

Before it became to be known as “All Falls Down”, Kanye performed it accapella on Def Poetry Jam as “Self Conscious”. I can’t help but to feel nostalgic whenever I watch this and its even wilder to see how far he came from this point, before the release of College Dropout to where he is now or should I say where he’s planning to go. Check the video for “All Falls Down” below. Continue reading

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Poem: “From A to B”


I wrote this while vibing to D’Angelo’s “Another Life”