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Throwback Thursday: Nine “Whutcha Want?”

If I had a jeep, I’d ride through Center City just like this, with a bad woman beside me in the driver seat. I love this video but the funny thing is that I don’t EVER remember hearing this song in the mid 90s and my memory is pretty damn great 95% of the time.

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Fresh out of the Asylum…

Of all of the Christopher Nolan Batman movies, The Dark Knight is the best of the trilogy. The late Heath Ledger is the BEST Joker and I even may favor his portrayal of Batman’s arch nemesis over Jack Nicholson’s performance in the classic Tim Burton version BUT that really depends on the mood that I’m in. I “idolized” Ledger’s Joker because of how methodical his insanity appeared to be. Was he driven by a purpose or was it chaos just for the sake of doing so? Maybe with it being so hard to pinpoint and understand it caused my curiosity to grow. I don’t know but I can say that I see a lot of myself in that character, well not as extreme but in terms of just not subscribing to other peoples’ ways of surviving. The Joker of the Dark Knight was a gorgeous maelstrom and in this life, that’s what I’d rather be. All things conventional and traditional are become boring. If there aren’t any challenges to be met, I have to either create or find them. This past Saturday while waiting for the Market-Frankford line train to arrive at the 13th street station, I posted up against one of the tiled columns and as that metal rhinoceros rushed past, I felt the gust of wind that travelled along with it blow by with the velocity of a Tyson jab and I instantly felt like the Joker in the above scene. I feel freer now than I’ve ever had in life before and the madness has only just begun. All work, all hustle, all play without serious commitments. The crazy part about all of this is that once I reached my favorite comic book store, the homies said to me “You’re like the Joker now riding in the police car” … Great minds think alike..

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Single Life: They Wanna Be Seen On The Scene….

Whenever I move around the town more often than not, I run into good friends and associates especially in the Rittenhouse Square area of town. After spending most of my afternoon sweating and busting my ass while moving into my new apartment, I had to make my way downtown to handle a bit of business (get a SEPTA transpass for the week and hit OMOI ZAKKA for candles). Fortunately for me, while on this trip, I ran into the homie Quality Tom, who was just about to go on break from his gig in the city. Before I get into the meat and potatoes of this post, Tom is officially the plug since he put me on to a pair of Nike Roshe Runs from Buffalo Exchange that only cost me about $30. Me and the Nike Swoosh are going hand and hand in this summer. Continue reading

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