Single Life: They Wanna Be Seen On The Scene….

Whenever I move around the town more often than not, I run into good friends and associates especially in the Rittenhouse Square area of town. After spending most of my afternoon sweating and busting my ass while moving into my new apartment, I had to make my way downtown to handle a bit of business (get a SEPTA transpass for the week and hit OMOI ZAKKA for candles). Fortunately for me, while on this trip, I ran into the homie Quality Tom, who was just about to go on break from his gig in the city. Before I get into the meat and potatoes of this post, Tom is officially the plug since he put me on to a pair of Nike Roshe Runs from Buffalo Exchange that only cost me about $30. Me and the Nike Swoosh are going hand and hand in this summer.

But dig it, we hit a cool hot dog spot near 17th and Walnut and discussed the game as it is. The idea that there’s such a need for people to “get on” via social media seems baffling yet comical to guys like us. I know individuals that use Instagram as a transformation chamber as it allows them to become what they think that they should to be for the sake of followers (acceptance) and that’s crazy. And from a guy’s perspective, well mine specifically, seeing ladies attempting to get IG fame is kind of lame especially when they bring nothing else to the table besides “beauty”. Tom put me on this one girl who hangs with semi popular rappers and the imagery screamed “Look At Me!” and it seems that she’s following the blueprint that many are using to “get on”. On the outside, it looks like the “popular” thing to do but for a lot of these people, the “followers” and “likes” never translate into lucrative result. I mean, sheesh if you are going to work so hard to look the part you should at least get paid like that too. I remember seeing girls who cut their hair and dyed it blonde once Amber Rose’s shine intensified in the industry and I noticed shifting attitudes that didn’t reflect their actual realities. There’s nothing like a “jawn” that puts on airs like they are fresh off of Love and Hip-Hop (or any other garbage reality show) just to gain attention that’ll never last.

I don’t ask for much… But when it comes to me being out here trying to find the best fit, I’m searching for one with the least amount of hubris as possible.



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