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Yesterday’s iPods… Thank You!

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They say if it isn’t broke then don’t fix it. When it comes to the new generation of multimedia players, I’m aware of what they are as well as their capabilities but I don’t break my neck to acquire them. I had the first generation iPad for YEARS before I received the iPad Air 2 for Xmas last year. I spend most of my petty cash on comic books and vinyl these days so the newest iPod that’s out isn’t on the list of priorities. My iPhone carries my music but so much memory gets eaten that I need an alternative which is why I’ve gone back to my old iPods of yesteryear. The batteries need to be replaced but for the most part, these pieces of aged hardware hold over 90 GB of various genres and they keep me the God quite Jiggy in modern times. Oh and the headphone jacks need replacing but f*ck it… As a minimalist, I’m all good.

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O.G in the Game, Boy!


Can’t believe that I’ve owned this for 23 YEARS! I only had 3-5 games but I played the hell out of it. I was too far gone for the Pokemon explosion. My favorite game for this portable system will always be Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (I ordered it while typing this… IT’S THAT SERIOUS). I haven’t turned it on in a few years, hopefully it still works. I’ve been in this game as a player for years but I never beat Tetris… Continue reading

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