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Dedicated to “Nawlins”….


Each tattoo tells a bit of my life story. I’m not one of those “gun attached to brass knuckles mixed with a knife kind of tattoo” people. Each of my now 22 tattoos bares some kind of importance. My most recent piece is a dedication to the city that showed me that I had a bit of growing up to do. Now I wasn’t down there being a menace to myself and others but there was a bit about yours truly that I hadn’t even come to terms with. Continue reading

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Another Tattoo… Sheikah Style


If I hadn’t made myself clear with the previous Legend of Zelda post, then this should be all of the proof that you need. One of my earliest tattoos is a Triforce which cemented my place in the Nerd Kingdom. This tattoo meant more to me once I connected the symbol with my personal life. The Sheikah Emblem which is pretty much the Eye of Truth was used in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to see what was hidden. I’ve become better at trusting my intuition as of late which allows me to see through the nonsense that some may try and bring into my environment. That kind of vision is essential in my journey of life.

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Latest Tattoo: The God


As of late, I’ve been on a journey of self realization and just truly living out the life that I want. I’m into making statements and my latest “The God” tattoo is an all out testament to that. First, let me start off by saying that this is by no means blasphemous. So JESUS FREAKS please chill as I break it all down. If you’re up on Hip-Hop namely Rakim and Wu-Tang Clan then you may be aware of the usage of “The God” which comes from the 5 percenter sect of Islam. I claim no religious denomination but I love Rakim and the Wu so I adopted their slang years ago and calling myself “The God” began as an inside joke amongst my peers but when I began to think of what a God does and is capable of as a creator, I chose to use that title seriously. I see myself as the “supreme being” in my own world and I have the ability to create greatness as well all are. We are all Gods and Goddesses in our own way. We just have to truly see ourselves as divine creators as we can forge our own paths in this crazy, crazy world. So yeah… that’s the story.

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Tatted on V-Day…. Thanks to Made Rich!!!

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“Oh my god, Oh my god, If I Die, I’m A Legend”Drake

First tattoo of the New Year and it was very, very necessary. I’ve wanted to have a crazy tattoo on my arm for a minute but I had to find the right artist. In Philly, I’ve had dope tattoos done by cool tattoo artists but I needed something on a higher level. After watching the documentary Color Outside The Lines, and the work of Made Rich and Miya Bailey caught my attention. Made Rich was the closest in proximity to Philly and I had planned on catching the Megabus/Boltbus or (if you know how to really get it in… The Chinatown Bus) to go and set up that appointment. Fortunately for the God, he was actually set to appear at the Philly Tattoo Convention, which went down today, and I sent that email and dropped that deposit faster than dumb music fans will say “Who’s Beck?” (Dumb Asses!) Continue reading

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