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Pastlife: Who’s In The Photo Booth?

The Saint Bar in New Orleans. I used to spend so much time there while living in New Orleans but I still don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing, well probably bad because I treated that place as a refuge instead a chill zone. EN (pronounced like Ian) was my guide and closest road dog during those 4 and half months spent there. We ran the streets. I had a girlfriend at the time and no matter how much trouble that I’d get into, I never did anything too crazy that would come back and mess up anything back at home. Well there was that one night that I stayed out until 5am but I was just out there living it up. Kind of a dick move but hey I had a freedom in N.O. that I wasn’t really afforded in Philly. Continue reading

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Shabazz Palaces “Motion Sickness” Video

Ahh yes.. from Shabazz Palace’s most recent project, Lese Majesty, we have a new video for “Motion Sickness”. Shabazz always drops visuals with a message…always leaves some kind of lasting message. The direction of the video takes a nice satirical approach to reality TV and the shallowness of that kind of celebrity.

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35mm Pastlife: Shabazz Palaces!

Photo by Michael Béon

Photo by Michael Béon

I finally got around to having this roll of film developed but the wait was worth it. On August 22, Shabazz Palaces performed at the Union Transfer and the show was dope. I love their music and I’ve been a fan of Ish, the emcee of the group, since his time with Digable Planets, yes THEE DIGABLE PLANETS. “Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like That)” and that Blowout Comb album still get love in my ITunes. But dig, the good brother Hezekiah, Philly emcee/producer, hooked me up with a ticket to the show and afterward I got a chance to kick it with the group backstage until it was time to leave. They had the bomb food layout in the back – fruits, vegetables with dip, chips, juice and a bottle of Hennessy that was 3/4’s of the way gone. It’s always cool to meet those that you’ve admired musically when they are so down to earth. At one point, Ish caught me taking a selfie with his glasses. I DID IT FOR THE GRAAAAAM. Before I bounced, I snagged that Hennessy bottle and no I didn’t steal it; they said I could have it.

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35mm Pastlife: Miami 2011 (Lady With The Tattoos)

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Short Story. So dig this… Miami 2011, if you saw the last post relating to that trip then you already know what went on during that trip and the type of element that I was matched with. Anyway, one of the guys was already at the bar talking to two ladies who were there and me and the other cat strolled up and already I knew that I was outnumbered. I was the late addition to the trip and my inclusion made it cheaper for the rest of them but trust I caught onto the plan while there. Anytime that I could be placed as the odd man out, they tried it. Now at the bar, I made sure that I worked my way into the conversation and I asked about her tattoos and she showed me each one and I snapped a photo. The main guy trying to work his “magic” got all “aggy” so me and the other cat dipped. She was tight though and I wanted to put my bid in but I was “outgunned”. Eh well, that’s the game that be. But after that trip, I stopped rocking with that poser crew.  It’s never good to have frauds in your circle. Continue reading

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Nas Won…


Despite my views of him rapping on that old Dilla beat (The Season is over Dilla’s Gobstopper joint on Donuts), this picture (that I just lifted from Esco’s IG page) kinda makes up for it in so many ways lol. Dig this though… I’m down to recreate this picture on my birthday…Somebody better show the kid some love in the club or corner store… wherever I’m at on November 10th. It Was Written indeed…

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New Tattoo: Epa!

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

“…and another one”-Biggie

Peace to Everlasting Art Tattoo in University City for the quality work. After I received my XXX tattoo on my right trapezius muscle, I had to have something on my left. I am a man of symmetry and with tattoos, I have to have an even distribution. I became interested in Adinkra symbols during a trip to University of Pennsylvania’s Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. I walked around through different exhibits but nothing really caught my eye until I wandered into the West African section. I found symbols that represented powerful qualities (my first two adinkra tattoos symbolize power AND greatness) and I didn’t want Chinese and/or Japanese characters as tattoos especially since I’m not of that culture. I feel like those tattoos are overdone and I’m rocking with trends when it comes down to what I permanently etch on my skin. I needed something that resonated with my heritage; Adinkra signs connect me with a source that I’m detached from. Plus, they look great on me. Continue reading

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35mm Pastlife: New Orleans, August 2013 (Black and White)

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

I carried (and still do) a camera everywhere that I went in New Orleans. I wanted to document everything that I could while roaming up and down St. Charles. Before I jumped into the world of tattoos, I would always ask people (namely women) for permission to snap of shot of their tattoos and you will see more of those in more posts to come. There was so much to see in New Orleans and I really fell in love with the Marigny. I’m even debating on a few fleur de lis tattoos because thats how real the love was/is for that city.   Continue reading

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Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

My “Weird Is the new black” tattoo

You really have to understand the world outside of the box to fully comprehend the kind of person that I am. I’m a different kind of individual; Look inside Webster’s Dictionary and find the word for freaky and you’ll see my face with a left eyebrow raised in indignation. I am the antimatter and as much as I tried to be like everybody else, it just didn’t happen; the essence of my true being seeped through the mask that I tried to wear. Thinking that I had to be like my peers set me back majorly: Extreme introversion, minor depression, and other feelings of detachment made me feel like Dracula as he shielded himself against the rays of the sun. Continue reading

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Summer Madness 4: Charlie Clips x T-Rex

One of the most talked about battles of Summer Madness 4… HARLEM vs HARLEM!!! I’ve waited a while for this battle and I heard Charlie won via twitter but now we have the chance to finally see it go down.

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Polaroid Pastlife: Portraits of New Orleans


New Orleans… I loved that city for a plethora of reasons but mainly for the freedom it provided me. The Big Easy! The Crescent City! It’s funny that in my four and a half months there, I didn’t really do all of the tourist nonsense but I did have moments of enjoying the vibe. New friends, the food, the fun times and even the eventual break up that took a while for me to shake created an experience that I never will forget. Fortunately, I managed to maintain contact with a few people in NOLA and I’m looking forward to making a return in the not so distant future. I had a polaroid camera with me and snapped quite a few shots. Peace to Megan, EN, DXXXY, Tia, Vick, Jamison and Mal e Mal for the love. Also, stay tuned for more shots from my time in New Orleans which will be coming soon. Continue reading

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