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Guest Spot: Jeff Fuller “Shoot The Shit: Art is making the mundane look beautiful.”


Lately, I’ve been getting asked “how do I start shooting photography”? Whether someone is battling a dead end 9-5, still in school, or just not sure where to start, I hear this question quite a bit. I wouldn’t consider myself to be “in the photography game” so to speak but I always come back to this as my answer.

Just grab a camera (your iPhone totally counts) and hit that shutter button.

The thing I’ve found I love most about shooting photography is that there are no rules, there is no right or wrong way to do it and no restrictions. I’ve also found there’s only one way to get into it and get better. Just shoot.

You have to go to that boring and dreaded 9-5 tomorrow? You have class at noon? You don’t know what to start photographing or what content interests you? Bring a camera. Shoot your commute. Shoot your lunch. Shoot your classmates or your desk. Shoot up. Shoot Down. Shoot without limitations. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful your every day life actually is.

So, just get out there.

Shoot the shit.

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Guest Spot: Jeff Fuller “Control Your Own Space”


2015, if you didn’t spend all of 2014 preparing for it to be, it will not be your year. We don’t get to just wake up one day and get to have what we want, nor can we just expect things to change because the date did. With that being said, let this be the day you set 2016 to be your year. Let this be the day you stop praying for results and start acting on them. Stop waiting on others, on opportunities and hoping for the best. Quantity produces quality and the only way to produce quantity is just start doing. Inspiration never really comes, chances never present themselves and the only way to get what you want in life is to want the right things and act accordingly. Continue reading

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