Thinking Like Marcus Graham…


As a film, Boomerang contained vital information for my everyday life, well dating life. You can’t be a player forever. Everybody has their time and if you wear out your welcome, the sweet taste of defeat will Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Makoto leg sweep you off of your feet. Janet Jackson told us years ago that “That’s the way love goes”.  As a single guy in a society where dating has become more complicated than ever, I have to keep myself in a stable frame of mind. Am I a player? I don’t think so but others assume differently. Maybe it’s because I haven’t settled down yet and I won’t until I find the one that feels right. I could find her tomorrow or years from now but that’s what makes it all worth it.

Boomerang starred Eddie Murphy as the young, charismatic ad executive Marcus Graham who never seemed to have his fill of women. He’s very particular about the those that he dates; he only wanted the best of the best. There’s a scene where he watches Christie (Lela Rochon) walking her dog from the distance and with the help of a passing couple that he pays off for their dog leash, he manages to get her number by tricking her into believing that he was depressed over losing a Kirby, a springer spaniel that he never had. Let’s fast forward to he and Christie being in bed together after a night of passion. While she’s asleep, he pulls back the comforter and checks out her feet and it’s nothing but “hammertime” (her toes were JACKED!). Shallow as he might have appeared, you saw how far a man will go in being choosy for the “perfect” woman.

Throughout the movie, Marcus has run ins with all types of women (he even spends the night with the head of his company played by Eartha Kitt) before he met his match in Jacqueline (Robin Givens) a very ambitious, career driven woman that’s proves to be more than just his equal. He falls for her but those affections aren’t mutual. For Jacqueline it’s purely physical and she finessed Marcus, leaving him “caught up” in her game. After having his heart broken and/or pride wounded, he starts seeing Angela (Halle Berry) who’s the “right” woman for him. She’s smart, creative, and offers everything that he requires but he finds himself at a crossroads when Jacqueline lures him back into clutches. By the end of Boomerang, Marcus has his ass handed to him by Angela for creeping around with Jacqueline but he eventually gets Angela back by seeing the error of his ways and submits to being a one woman man. Predictable.

The “Perfect” Woman vs The “Right” Woman. That’s the conflict that used to perplex me. I saw the sexy ones, the ones that I just wanted to taste and make love to without knowing their names. A plethora of these types that I just described drape my Instagram and Tumblr feeds everyday but how many of them are actually a fit for someone of my caliber. I’m hell on wheels and I have a tendency to lose interest quickly if there’s nothing substantial holding my attention. I’ve had my fair share of “love” (in other words I REALLY BE OUT HERE, CUZ!) and I’ll certainly have more, but I’ve learned within the last few years that you can’t fall for the fattest ass or the girl that’s trying to fuck just for the sake of it (I’ll take it but I got my eye on you cot dammit!). As men, we let our dicks do the thinking and then the emotional attachment develops and next thing you know, we’re up on stage in a club somewhere in Minneapolis singing “Purple Rain” so the owner of the club doesn’t take our slot. Wait… that happened in another movie right? Well, you get the gist of what I’m trying to say.

We often miss out on the “right” one because we’re chasing the “perfect” one but the “perfect” one doesn’t really exist. It’s all in our heads and as men, we have to know ourselves first and then we’ll be able to understand who and what we need in our lives instead of floundering around town striving for fiction.



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