7.30.17 Thoughts…

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Photo courtesy of RNC

1. I spent most of yesterday afternoon with my younger cousin. He’s 19 years old and currently attends an arts college in California’s Bay Area. To say that I’m proud of him is an understatement; I watched him grow into a talented young man and he has the potential to be a strong creative force. What struck me the most during our conversations is how similar we are in nature and which caused me to rethink how I am with others. I tend to be an enigma of sorts which is why I’m hardly ever seen at parties or events. And at times, I only communicate via likes on Instagram photos just to let them know that I’m still around but that’s not enough. If you have cool individuals in your life that you truly care for, reach out and say something; let them know that you appreciate them or just say hello. A kind word goes a long way and so does an open unbiased ear that listens.

2. Recently I read an article titled “The oral sex gender gap is real, and it’s not okay” and immediately I thought that it was laughable article based upon the headline. But once I read the piece and the responses on my Facebook feed, I saw that it was no laughing matter. Some of the women that commented on my thread stated that some men were selfish; They wanted to “hit it” but ignored or flat out refused to perform oral sex on their significant others. For the record, that doesn’t fly around these parts. Like the saying goes, it’s far better to give than to receive but in this case, it should be equal. The author of that article is a 23 year old woman which means that she’s still quite young in the game and I hope that as the time passes that her luck improves. And to the guys, please do what’s necessary because the life that you save may be your own in terms of your relationships.

3. Waves by Joey Bada$$ captures the mood of my late afternoon. If the production sounds familiar to you, that’s because J. Cole used it recently for the track “False Prophets” but if I had to choose a version, it would be Joey’s though both are dope in their own way.

4. Word to Lenny S!


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