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8.11.17 Thoughts…


1. My grandfather used to talk about getting your proper rest and nowadays sleep is a luxury. Having a job that requires me to wake up at 6am plus a pretty popping life after the 9 to 5 ends means there’s little room for relaxation. I took off a few days in the upcoming week from work just to give myself a bit of RE:UP time. Besides working, I also contribute to Nostalgia King, Philly’s Wooder Ice, and a few other endeavors that I’ll add to my credits by year’s end. Now it’s all about pacing myself and taking it a day a time even if that means that my personal life has to suffer for a while; It’s for the good of my future. Lights. Camera. Action. Continue reading

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Manage Your Time Like You Manage Your $$$


Time management requires discipline. Knowing how to budget your time will allow you to do so much your day. You’d be surprised to see how much you can actually accomplish once you cut the fat. In college, time management met it’s end at the hands of procrastination. I waited until the very last minute to finish everything. I usually received good marks but I’m sure that if I mastered how I allotted my time, I would’ve been very efficient. But now, after learning from my mistakes, I’ve decided to share a few techniques to help you through your day. Continue reading

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