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No One Wants To Hate Their Job

There’s nothing worse than waking up for a job that you hate. Lying in bed, struggling to remove sheets and covers as you try to ignore the alarm on your iPhone that plays the same portion of Tyler The Creator’s “I Ain’t Got Time” like it does EVERY morning feels like penance for some foul act that you committed in a past life. Make your way to the bathroom and stare at a worn face in a mirror, shake your head then pray that the shower rids you of your current neanderthal like disposition. After you put on your “appropriate” work attire, reality sets in as you walk out the door that the next 8 hours of your life will be just another battle in an ongoing war with no foreseeable end. Continue reading

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8.6.17 Thoughts…


1. Everything that you need to succeed is in your environment. To further explain my point, we can use the historical perspective. The indigenous peoples of the Americas lived off of the land by becoming very familiar with all of their resources. Everyday living produced live or die scenarios. There were no luxuries as we know them, only bare necessities. They weren’t saying “If we only had arrowheads made out of titanium, then we could really hunt deer!” because all that they did have in their possession was all that they needed. We psyche ourselves out by thinking that we aren’t enough or our place in life isn’t worthy of the kind of elevation that we dream of. I was under the impression that I lacked the necessary materials which hindered many of my moves and it took a multitude of self inflicted losses to reprogram my mindset. I don’t need to buy the most expensive camera or the most hi-tech technology to be a dope writer, blogger, or most importantly a great person. All that I need right now is a heart full of fire and hands filled with the grains of consistency. Continue reading

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8.2.17 Thoughts…

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Eagles Bombin’, 2012(?)

1. Last night I had conversation with both my grandmothers who are as of now, my only grandparents. I had a brief conversation with one, who’s currently in her 90s and although we spoke briefly it was great to hear her voice. My other grandmother, gave me advice that I didn’t think that I needed but damn she was right on time. As an only child, I had very close relationships with my grandparents. So needless to say when my grandfather passed it had a profound affect on me. The love and lessons that I received from my grandmothers over the years were centered in maintaining faith. I might not have been the church going grandson that my mother’s mother wanted me to be at times but she let me be me and that’s all that I could have ever asked for. Two of the greatest examples of strong women that I’ll see in my lifetime. Continue reading

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@GaryVee “When You Fear Everything You Fear Nothing”

Take notes from the God Gary Vee. I’m applying all that I’ve learned from his video blogs to my next moves and ventures. Yesterday, I told a few friends something to the effect of the day should be a marker for new beginnings. I had a lunch meeting set for that afternoon and I made an exclamation of how I wanted it work to in my favor. I’m happy to have a 9-5 but I’ll be damned if that’s all that I do or all that I’m known for legacy wise. I believe that the true way to give thanks for all you’re given is to take your gift serious and rise to the occasion EACH TIME.

Last Chance, No Breaks…

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It’s Never What You Thought It Was…


“I conversate with many men, it’s time to begin again
Forgot what I already knew, ayo, you hear me friend?”Prodigy “I Shot Ya (Remix)”

I woke up drained of energy solely because my inner night owl kept me up past 12:30am but whatever that’s just how I function most nights. I had my perceptions shaken over the weekend and I’ve decided, once and for all, to let them all go. Nothing is as it seems, Nothing is as it was, and to avoid future disappointment I have to take things and accept them as they are in the moment despite the nature of the relationship that I may have with the person or place or idea, etc., because everything is subject to change. Friends today, enemies tomorrow and that’s word to the title of Drake’s third album. Continue reading

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2.20.17 Thoughts


Me Myself And Eyes

1. Moonshine is the devil. I visited Manayunk over the weekend during an abnormally nice February weekend. I hit a barbecue spot with my cousin Ty and a friend as soon as hunger decided to make it’s presence known.  On the drink menu, I spotted Moonshine! It came in a shot glass/tumbler and at first I thought “This little bit of nothing for $7.50?! GTFOH!” but then I took a few sips and I realized that the small portion was given to me for my safety. MAAAAAAN that moonshine was everything and worth every penny. If I didn’t have a brisket cheesesteak with it, I would’ve been ass out and washed up. Continue reading

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Be Uncomfortable…


I’m at my worst when I’m comfortable. If I can go through an entire day and NOT feel a sense of urgency, then something is definitely wrong. Being at ease isn’t necessarily a bad thing by any means but we live in a day and time where nothing is guaranteed; Everything is finite and change is inevitable. We will have to face challenges that are pertinent to our personal evolution and if you choose not to, then enjoy stagnancy. Continue reading

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@GaryVee “Move the F*ck On”

Words of wisdom on a Friday morning courtesy of Gary Vaynerchuk. He doesn’t hold his tongue in this interview with Shark Tank’s Daymond John.

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Sacrifice inspired by A$AP Yams…


“Sacrifice, young blood. In whatever ur passion is. i wore the same outfit 2 years straight cuz all my money was embedded into this rap shit in making pretty flacko pop. even now my social life weak cuz ppl be infuriated that i dont hang out wit dem idgaf i need all this money not when diddy out here pouring ace of spades all over his designer shoes at after parties n still up by 8am the next business day.” – A$AP Yams

I don’t hang out like I used to do. In fact, I’d rather be home writing and working on a project of some sort instead of running the streets, especially in the winter season. I ordered a shitload of books of the inspirational and business nature to build on my foundation while the cold air declares sovereignty over the East Coast. Being seen on the scene for the sake of being seen does nothing for me. If I’m out and about it usually has a purpose. Personal enjoyment and/networking will be the only causes of an appearance from me. Time is money and as overused of a phrase as that it is, it’s a belief that I hold as sacred as the Holy Grail. Continue reading

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