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6.8.17 Thoughts


1. Sometimes being an asshole makes me uncomfortable. It’s not that I have a problem with exerting my power when it’s necessary but I hate creating weird energy but at times it’s very necessary. There are people out there that are full of shit and you can’t let them under your skin but I do advocate strategically getting under theirs. Continue reading

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6.1.17 Thoughts


1. I often hear that “race relations” are getting better in this country but there are constant reminders that say otherwise. Lebron James, an all-star basketball player who’s become quite the humanitarian, had his home defaced with the word NIGGER. It’s 2017 and idiots are still showing how much of a dickhead they can be with their actions. As a Black man in America,  I’m very aware that the game is rigged and more often than not the scales won’t tilt in my favor but there’s an undying optimism that’s been passed on from generation to generation and I’d be lame to entertain the hatred instead coming from a place of love. With that said, Lebron has to shut Golden State down without mercy in this year’s NBA Finals. Continue reading

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5.31.17 Thoughts


1. I’d like to thank the members of N.E.R.D. for my new found mantra (and future tattoo): Fly Or Die. Fly Or Die is the title of their sophomore album which had a significant presence in my collegiate life. While reading Charlemagne’s newest book Black Privilege it hit me out of nowhere. In this world it’s fly or die. Either you do or you don’t. Continue reading

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4.20.17 Thoughts


1. Live, Suffer, then Celebrate. If you want to be better then you have to go through fire of some kind. There’s no progress with the accumulation of bumps and bruises. Being at my lowest in life has brought me to many of my highest points and provided me with fantastic survival tactics to handle whatever will be thrown my direction. Fear not! negatives can bring forth life altering positives. Continue reading

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4.18.17 Thoughts


1. Kendrick’s DAMN. album is a masterpiece although I prefer To Pimp A Butterfly to this one in terms of production but content wise this album is jamming. I had little to no expectations for this album which made the experience way better. With every album, his writing improves. My favorite tracks – thus far – are “YAH”, “FEEL.” “XXX.” and “GOD”. Continue reading

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I Don’t Care…


“I used to give a fuck, now I give a fuck less.” – Jay-Z “Success”

We are all guilty of caring about the wrong things. We have priorities in our lives that we will willfully ignore just to worry about something stupid that doesn’t matter. I was the king of that shit and I’m not proud of it. I own it but it’s a filthy habit that I want no parts of. It’s like that girl/guy that you hook up with after a party. Yeah they gave you a bit of activity but you know that you were dead wrong for getting intimate with them in the first place. If you know better then you do better. Continue reading

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4.12.17 Thoughts


1. The art of conversation has been lost on our generation. We (not me but y’all!) don’t know how to talk to each other any more and it’s wack. Communication is very undervalued these days which explains why there’s so much interpersonal fuckery. People have to read more and use twitter and Instagram less. I may elaborate on this with a future vlog but we have to do better. And to all the guys trying to catch the attention of woman of substance, everything that comes out of your mouthpiece has got to be flawless and if not flawless, let it be as earnest as possible. Continue reading

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I Wanna Be Like Mike…


Boxing was the only sport that my father and I would watch together. We weren’t a baseball, basketball, or football family. I’m sure that my father was heavy into the Sixers back when Dr. J and Moses Malone were balling like they had a block (Jeezy!) but my memories are filled with him being a huge fan of all that was pugilistic. He was around to experience the Ali, Foreman, Frazier era down to the Sugar Ray Leonard, Hagler and Hearns matches too but none seemed to be more impactful than Mike Tyson. Continue reading

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3.30.17 Thoughts


1. Health is Wealth. I haven’t posted in a while due to life shit throwing me all the way off key. I caught some kind of flu like bug a few weeks ago and I felt like I couldn’t do anything. I laid on my bed staring at my ceiling in my loft reevaluating how I spent my time. I have a day job and I chased the hell out of overtime at the risk of burning myself out and that’s what I did. Killing myself over a check is utterly ridiculous. The more stress the weaker my immune system becomes and that’s NEVER a good thing. Take care of yourselves. Continue reading

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Cam’ron Helped Me Out…


Let’s lift our glasses in honor of Cameron Giles aka Cam’ron aka Killa Cam. This isn’t about the music which I am a huge fan of nor does it have anything to do with the falling out with fellow Dipset member Jim Jones. Nope. Those topics have zero relevance in this piece. In the early 2000s, when Dipset was at it’s height, Cam’ron did what most rappers – besides Andre 3000 – wouldn’t do to stand out: He wore pink! Not only did he wear pink, he even owned a 2003 Pink Range Rover strictly for stunting purposes. What he did in that time broke me out of my shell and pushed me in positive direction in terms of defining my personal style. Continue reading

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