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Greatness Is A Process…

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There’s no such thing as an “overnight success”. I don’t care what social media may try to present as fact but it takes time and hard work to achieve a certain level of greatness. There’s a disconnect that has grown from the size of crack in the cement to that of a chasm in the Antelope Canyon. We don’t want to put forth the effort despite us posting statuses or recording instagram videos with emotional proclamations declaring our “need” to be successful. Continue reading

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Apple Had it Right…

In 1984, Apple released one of the greatest commercials ever during Super Bowl XVIII. It was an advertisement for the very first Macintosh computer that used Big Brother from George Orwell’s classic novel as the face of their competition. They chose the antagonist from 1984 to represent the elite that seemed to control technology and their consumers while the olympian, who symbolized Apple’s new creation, disrupted the brainwashing by breaking the big screen bringing forth the idea of a new hope. Apple’s Macintosh came to save the day but years later, in 2017, the idea of 1984 is more poignant than ever and we can give a bit of credit to our “personal” technology. Continue reading

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