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5.31.17 Thoughts


1. I’d like to thank the members of N.E.R.D. for my new found mantra (and future tattoo): Fly Or Die. Fly Or Die is the title of their sophomore album which had a significant presence in my collegiate life. While reading Charlemagne’s newest book Black Privilege it hit me out of nowhere. In this world it’s fly or die. Either you do or you don’t. Continue reading

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2.15.17 Thoughts


1. Crying over old grievances is not the move. Learn from it and be better.

2. I talked myself out of a lot of opportunities in life due to assumptions. You have to trust yourself enough to take fearless steps. If rejection happens then it just happens. You fall down 7 times and get up 8.

3. Never rush the process.

4. SiR‘s Seven Sundays project is really, really good.

5. If you ever apologized for something and it wasn’t accepted, it’s all good. Don’t sweat it. If your intentions were good and you were accountable for your actions there’s nothing else to do but to continue living.

6. Self acceptance is the only acceptance that matters. If others don’t like you for some reason, then that’s what it is. As long as you are capable of holding yourself down at the right moments, that’s what counts.

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One Shot: Walnut Room Memories, May 2010


I’m very reflective and there are positives and negatives to that. The positive is the ability to draw strength and wisdom from past challenges and the negative is never letting the past go. I can’t be Married With Children’s Al Bundy still boasting about his glory days when he scored “four touchdowns in a single game” for Polk High. I look at the picture that I shared and laugh at¬†an era that I began to my search of self. I started working as a photographer and I was always out and about, chasing exposure and though I gained connections, little happened for me on a professional level and years later, once I “lost” my Canon 7D, most of those connections faded away. I was used but I allowed it naively thinking that I’d be able to get better opportunities¬†but in Philly, most of these “popular” people get what they can get from you and once that well runs dry they keep it moving. No harm no foul but at least I’m aware of the business now and going forward nothing moves but the money. Continue reading

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Know Your Worth…

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Excerpt from Kanye West’s Thank You and You’re Welcome

I’m writing this for all of the creative types but in actuality this is for EVERYBODY. Valuing yourself as a person and as an artist appears to be very underrated in this generation. As a writer/photographer/videographer/voice-over artist/poet I know how important it is be respected and COMPENSATED…yes.. COMPENSATED for your goods and services but in the industry of movers and shakers, someone is ALWAYS trying to get over on you… ALWAYS. If I had to count on my hands how many people tried to play me by not mentioning any kind of legitimate compensation for the work that I’d potentially do for them, I’d run out of fingers. Continue reading

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