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6.8.17 Thoughts


1. Sometimes being an asshole makes me uncomfortable. It’s not that I have a problem with exerting my power when it’s necessary but I hate creating weird energy but at times it’s very necessary. There are people out there that are full of shit and you can’t let them under your skin but I do advocate strategically getting under theirs. Continue reading

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Karma… It’s Real Out Here

“What Goes Around Comes Around”

Life often times can be a series of cyclical events; History repeating. What I’ve learned from previous follies and ultimate screw ups is that experience is the best teacher if you are willing to learn. There are lessons in the smallest of mistakes. I remember watching Bill Murray’s Groundhogs Day for the first time earlier in the year and thinking to myself “Yup, that’s happened to me way more than it should’ve”. With karma, I believe that there are two types; there’s the kind that we bring upon ourselves when we ignore our better judgment and there’s that special often vindictive karma that comes around when you least expect it whenever you intentionally wrong others.

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