Dedicated to “Nawlins”….

Each tattoo tells a bit of my life story. I’m not one of those “gun attached to brass knuckles mixed with a knife kind of tattoo” people. Each of my now 22 tattoos bares some kind of importance. My most recent piece is a dedication to the city that showed me that I had a […]

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2.14.17 Thoughts

1. I had a dream about missed opportunity at having a threesome. I was bed with two women in a room with people that I knew (my cousin being one of them… WEIRD) that just happened to be sitting on a couch across from us. We weren’t being watched by them as their attention was directed […]

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Curious about Mary Gold…

While checking out the work of Tokyo Stone aka Father Tokyo a few months back, I saw the video for “Prayer” and I loved what I saw and heard. Tokyo directed and edited the video and the visuals of unabashed sexuality mixed themes of spirituality. Mary Gold is the “first lady” of Jet Life Recordings […]

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