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Dedicated to “Nawlins”….


Each tattoo tells a bit of my life story. I’m not one of those “gun attached to brass knuckles mixed with a knife kind of tattoo” people. Each of my now 22 tattoos bares some kind of importance. My most recent piece is a dedication to the city that showed me that I had a bit of growing up to do. Now I wasn’t down there being a menace to myself and others but there was a bit about yours truly that I hadn’t even come to terms with. Continue reading

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2.14.17 Thoughts

1. I had a dream about missed opportunity at having a threesome. I was bed with two women in a room with people that I knew (my cousin being one of them… WEIRD) that just happened to be sitting on a couch across from us. We weren’t being watched by them as their attention was directed elsewhere. Anyway, something happened outside of the place where I was and of course I had to investigate. It kind of looked like South Street but once I went back inside, the girls that I was supposed to get busy with were gone and I was told that they had the threesome with someone else in the room. Moral of the story: Patience is a virtue and you have to stay the course. Well… that’s what I got from it.

2. Reading Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements and it’s doing wonders for my state of mind. It all starts with self love.

3. I’d love to go back to New Orleans for a few days. I have friends there and the energy of that city stays with you. It brought me my fair share of trouble but it was the kind of trouble that I could manage, ya dig?

4. “And you can live through anything if Magic made it”Kanye West

5. Ma$e is one of the greatest rappers ever!!! I don’t care if he only had 3 albums out. And no, I don’t care if that Harlem World group project wasn’t great. Ma$e was the KING when he was out. AND he’s the one that taught Jim Jones how to rap. Once the late great Christopher Wallace passed away, M A Dollar Sign E held down Bad Boy during a dark period. Respect that man.

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Before I Nod…. Curren$y “Briefcase”

Curren$y comes with something new in the form of “Briefcase” and he never slacks. This was filmed in New Orleans and I wonder if it was during his Jet Lounge event that he has at the House of Blues. During my time there, I never had the chance to attend but when I visit, I’ll definitely try and make that move. If this is going to be on Pilot Talk III, then the project will be stellar.

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Curious about Mary Gold…


Photo by CJ Wallis

While checking out the work of Tokyo Stone aka Father Tokyo a few months back, I saw the video for “Prayer” and I loved what I saw and heard. Tokyo directed and edited the video and the visuals of unabashed sexuality mixed themes of spirituality. Mary Gold is the “first lady” of Jet Life Recordings (Currensy’s Label) but she’s unlike other artists on the label, she’s her own “being”. It’s a bit difficult to categorize her music, classify the “right” genre  so I won’t. I can hear hip-hop, dusty soul, R&B, deep house, jazzy mysticism and elements of New Orleans. Her mixtape, Sex Hormone’d Druggie, is diverse collection of eerie spaced out cuts. I’m going to check out her first releases Naked Deviltry and Viva La Coke during the week. Check out her video for Nephilim below. Continue reading

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Hustler’s Pastlife: I Used To Be A Waiter…

Ok…I don’t know WHY I decided to look up Sesame Street and Grover this morning…I really forgot… my mind trips out sometimes. The motivation behind it is lost but watching the video of Grover serving a burger brought back memories of my stint as a waiter in New Orleans. After a month of being in town, the job hunt seemed like a bust. I applied for a teaching gig and had an interview lined up but they wanted me to have a lesson plans but I HAD NO EXPERIENCE and after reading reviews on the company, I said “F*ck That” and moved right along toward banking and after numerous phone interviews and traveling all the way out to Metairie via Public Transportation (grueling!) that too proved fruitless when I didn’t get the job. The day that I went for that interview was hot as bums breath AND I can remember listening to “Blood On The Leaves” from the Yeezus album because it seemed to capture my feelings at that moment. Continue reading

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35mm Pastlife: Tracy (??), New Orleans 2013

Photo by Michael Béon aka King Red Rose

Photo by Michael Béon aka King Red Rose

I wish I had kept better records for these photos. At least a name or something that I could remember to link the identities, conversations, etc with some of the people that I’ve taken photos of. All that I can recall from this night is that I was in my usual stomping grounds, Evangelines II, a bar on St Charles and it may have been after I got off of work. I think that she and her friend (may have been her boyfriend) may have arrived after me or were there before me (yeah this is REALLY clearing up) and her name might’ve been Tracy and she bartended at another bar that I used to grip burgers. What I am sure about is that I saw tattoos on her leg and after a quick Q&A session she showed me the entire piece. Pretty dope. Continue reading

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35mm Pastlife: May 2013 (New Orleans)


This installment of 35mm Pastlife features New Orleans again because of the massive amount of photos in my archives. I met cool people, visited cool places and I met Tokyo Stone while there and I became a fan of his photography and videography. The vibe down there is legit and there’s much creativity down there that I have revisit in person as well as trouble, the good trouble but trouble nonetheless. A few of the shots here were taken inside The Saint Bar, Siberia, Prytania Street, Cool kids in the French Quarter and “The Fly”.  Continue reading

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Artists To Know: Father Tokyo (NSFW)

Mary Gold – Prayer from Jet Life Recordings on Vimeo.

Father Tokyo (also known as Tokyo Stone) had to be one of the most interesting people that I ever met in New Orleans. I met him at a party inside The Saint Bar and he had on a big red pope’s hat but I took notice of his camera. He struck me as a unique individual but I had NO IDEA how unique his work was. He uses videography and still photography to express his views on sexuality but utilizing dark tones via to accentuate somewhat playfully menacing imagery. I had plans on working with him before I left town because I really wanted to know what inspired him to create such work that seems to explore the inner depths of passionate realism. I respect anyone that’s unapologetic in their artistry. Continue reading

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35mm Pastlife: “Nobody’s Darling” (New Orleans, 2013)

Photo by Michael Béon aka King Red Rose

Photo by Michael Béon aka King Red Rose

This picture is one of my best from that era in New Orleans. This is one of those “right place, right time” type of deals. I had my camera on hand and Shannon stepped out of the pool and I captured a great shot. The photo would get me in trouble before I left the city but so what, I’d do it all over again. TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?

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35mm Pastlife: Bounce Night, New Orleans (April 2013)


One of my first nights in New Orleans where I had the chance to really enjoy what the city had to offer. The first Bounce night that I had ever ventured to was in November or December of 2012 at the Barbary, a club tucked away in Northern Liberties. Big Freedia had performed that night and I’ll post photos from that event later on down the line. I thought I had seen “Bouncing” done correctly in Philly but of course those hipster girls would have nothing on the natives in the Crescent City. My ex’s friend Jamison took me to The Republic, a club in N.O.’s Central Business District and what a party it was. You know that I stood in the front row because that my friends was an IMPERATIVE but once that bounce music came on… the show began and tears of joy almost poured down my cheeks. Shaking, gyrating, WOBBLING, etc… I had to fight temptation tooth and nail in there but I won… barely but a win is a win. Bounce parties are DEFINITELY missed these days. Continue reading

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