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For The Day: Rich Chigga “Glow Like Dat”

Rich Chigga is an interesting artist and I enjoy most of his releases. The visuals for “Glow Like Dat” seems to take place in the same garden where Tyler The Creator can be seen on the cover of his latest project. I like that Chigga stays in his own lane. Yeah, there’s the trap sound involved but he made it his own which is KEY in today’s industry where it’s nothing but the attack of the clones.

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For The Day: Rich Homie Quan “Gamble”

It’s good to see RHQ back in the game with this new visual for “Gamble”. He’s made his rounds on the media circuit (Everyday Struggle and DJ Vlad for example) and it seems he’s preparing for a comeback of sorts and I’m all for it.

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For The Night: Gorillaz “Strobelite”

I love the Gorillaz. Like I REALLY love the Gorillaz and I REALLY love this record. After a long goofy ass day at the plantation, watching this cool visual set in a nightclub filled with colorful characters is just what I needed to end my night on a positive note. If you haven’t heard the Gorillaz latest album Humanz, you are missing out.

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Dope! Iman Omari “So Real”

New joint from Iman Omari and Quelle Chris.. pretty nice…

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For The Day: Raekwon “Incarcerated Scarfaces”

“Check the status, soon to see me at, Caesar’s Palace eating salads”

New week, new opportunities to shine and most importantly, another chance to get what’s yours.

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FIRE!! Fekky “Avirex” (ft. Neutrino x Chip)

I think I might love UK rap and UK grime almost as much as I love West Coast Hip-Hop. As soon as I saw Chip’s name in the song title on Youtube, I had to check the song out. I’ve never heard Chip on anything whack and “Avirex” is real dope! “Avirex” comes from Fekky’s soon to be released project El Clasico which drops on August 4th. Fekky, Neutrino, and Chip GO IN over this beat. Looking forward to hear how the rest of the album sounds.

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I Love This Song! Masego “Navajo”

This has been an incredible weekend of music for me. I’ve listened to old classics by Portishead, the latest album from Washed Out (I’ll discuss that in my next entry), and stumbling upon Masego and his amazing jam “Navajo”. Masego is a trap house jazz artist from Virginia who’s pretty savvy with the sax. Artists like this are why I’m regaining my faith in the next wave of musicians. If anyone knows of any dope artists that aren’t on mainstream radar, put me on game.

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WORD!!! Matt Ford “Dead Dayz”

The homie Matt Ford released his last project, Dead Days, today which just happens to also be his birthday. Matt is one of freshest talents in the city and I’m happy to have new material from him to listen to.

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One Shot: Freeway (2006)


If I’m not mistaken this may have been after the Roots Game Theory concert in August of 2006. The concert took place at the TLA on the day of the album’s release and Freeway and Peedi Peedi performed “Flipside” from Freeway’s debut album, Philadelphia Freeway. It was a live show. I knew most of the words to the songs because of an advance copy of the album that I received a week or so before the official release.

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Dangerous Days Review @ Nostalgia King


Check out my recent review of Dangerous Days, a short film written by Starkiller’s C.E. Garcia and directed by Vincent Enriquez on Nostalgia King


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