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For The Day: Rob $tone “Chill Bill”

Heard this in the barbershop a little while ago but I never knew the identity of the artist. After watching the video of XXXtentacion get the Fleetwood Mac knocked out of him onstage my curiosity lead me down a rabbit and Rob $tone’s seemed to be the source of the blame. I looked for his music on Youtube and BOOM! “Chill Bill” … Enjoy! It’s a Saturday and I got things to do.

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For The Day: C-Bo “Bang On Em”

Getting through the day without a care in sight…

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4.10.17 Thoughts


1. For a few days, after my grandfather passed I found myself pondering a few things about life. Not about death or where you go after you die, but more so about the life that I’m living now. My grandfather was a great man in my eyes and no one on this earth could tell me any different. What I’ve heard about his years as a young man and what I’ve seen in my 32 plus years with him as my grandfather made me place it all in perspective. You have to live a life worth living. Wake up everyday with a purpose of some sort but most importantly, be courageous and confident. He was loved and respected and I should be so fortunate to leave a legacy on that level. BTW… His prom photos were LEGENDARY… he had like 8 pictures each with a different girl. RIP Grandpop.  Continue reading

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For The Day: A Tribe Called Quest “Dis Generation”

If you haven’t heard “We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service” by the legendary Tribe SQUAD then you need to add it to your collection. RIP Phife Dawg.

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Elegant Animals “Warm Blood Pt. 2”

Earlier in the week, Philly’s own Elegant Animals released their latest project Warm Blood Pt. 2 and here’s the kicker… I’M ON IT! YES! I finally can say that I’m on a song and thus far the feedback has been great. The 4 track EP is dope and if you haven’t heard their last project, click here. “Saved” features yours truly and it was an honor to have the opportunity to collaborate with the group after being such a fan of them. Let me know what you think.

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Steve Lacy “Ryd/Dark Red”

Steve Lacy’s Demo is pretty slick. I didn’t know what to expect but since he’s a member of The Internet, I figured that it would be dope and it was! “Ryd/Dark Red” are the 2nd and 3rd tracks from the project and “Dark Red” is what I play the most. I love that song. The visuals were directed by Matthew Castellanos.


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Uncut Kanye West Interview (2013)

I don’t know what’s going on with Kanye these days. I don’t think of us truly know but whatever it is, I hope it’s progressive. Whenever he decides to talk about music or art, I tend to listen because more often than not, there’s vital information that gives a deeper understanding of a creative mind. It’s interesting to see what he thought during the year when he released Yeezus, which seemed to be his most controversial project to date. You either loved Yeezus or you hated it but I walked the line between the two extremes. He discusses his relationship and admiration of Dilla, his perspectives about music and the making of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

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For The Day: The Notorious B.I.G. “Juicy”

My favorite rapper of all time… Hard to believe that it’s been TWENTY YEARS since he’s been gone. Damn, I’m getting old…

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Head I.C.E “I Need My Cash / Marvin Gaye Wave”

ICE!!!! For those that are unaware of who Head I.C.E. is, he’s a legendary battle rap emcee. There are a few battle rappers with credible music, and he’s one of them.

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