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No One Wants To Hate Their Job

There’s nothing worse than waking up for a job that you hate. Lying in bed, struggling to remove sheets and covers as you try to ignore the alarm on your iPhone that plays the same portion of Tyler The Creator’s “I Ain’t Got Time” like it does EVERY morning feels like penance for some foul act that you committed in a past life. Make your way to the bathroom and stare at a worn face in a mirror, shake your head then pray that the shower rids you of your current neanderthal like disposition. After you put on your “appropriate” work attire, reality sets in as you walk out the door that the next 8 hours of your life will be just another battle in an ongoing war with no foreseeable end. Continue reading

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7.30.17 Thoughts…

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1. I spent most of yesterday afternoon with my younger cousin. He’s 19 years old and currently attends an arts college in California’s Bay Area. To say that I’m proud of him is an understatement; I watched him grow into a talented young man and he has the potential to be a strong creative force. What struck me the most during our conversations is how similar we are in nature and which caused me to rethink how I am with others. I tend to be an enigma of sorts which is why I’m hardly ever seen at parties or events. And at times, I only communicate via likes on Instagram photos just to let them know that I’m still around but that’s not enough. If you have cool individuals in your life that you truly care for, reach out and say something; let them know that you appreciate them or just say hello. A kind word goes a long way and so does an open unbiased ear that listens. Continue reading

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Pissed off. I, like many of you who were tuned into CNN or any other source of media this week, witnessed an ignored injustice. The grand jury decided NOT to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson in the wrongful killing death of Michael Brown. I wasn’t surprised. I’ve seen it before with Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, Amadou Diallo, and so many others in this country. Enough is Enough. I’ve grown very tired of seeing young black lives lost due to fear. It’s crazy to think about bringing children into a world where the color of your skin comes with an expensive price that my¬†ancestors paid for with blood, sweat, tears, and constant frustration. What am I supposed to do? Complaining about the intangible and screaming at invisible bullies won’t do anything but increase my personal stress levels. I can’t have faith in a judicial system that refuses to treat all of its citizens equally. Continue reading

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