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For The Night: Gorillaz “Strobelite”

I love the Gorillaz. Like I REALLY love the Gorillaz and I REALLY love this record. After a long goofy ass day at the plantation, watching this cool visual set in a nightclub filled with colorful characters is just what I needed to end my night on a positive note. If you haven’t heard the Gorillaz latest album Humanz, you are missing out.

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6.28.17 Thoughts


1. Last night, after watching my cousin perform (and kill it) with Dr. B’s Groove at World Cafe Live, I made it home with tons of thoughts rolling through my head. Maybe those two drinks that I had during the show made me very incessant about the points that I wanted to make. While highly buzzed, I called my good friend Chris and went into a maelstrom of topics but the most important (and the only thing that I can remember) portion of it dealt with the idea of having a legacy. This blog isn’t a place for me to stroke my ego, it’s an extension of self for the sake of leaving a digital footprint. Like the Gorillaz said on their Demon Dayz album, Tomorrow Comes Day and with that in mind, every thing that I do on a social media platform should leave some kind of impression. A positive and meaningful impression. If have a podcast, a blog, vlogs, fire tweets, etc., make sure that represents you in the best way possible. The shape of the future depends on us.   Continue reading

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