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Dope! Iman Omari “So Real”

New joint from Iman Omari and Quelle Chris.. pretty nice…

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Coultrain “Kiss of Death”

“Kiss of Death” is the first video from Coultrain’s recently released album Side Effex Of Make-Believe which was completely produced by Stoney Rock aka Black Spade (his To Serve With Love album is a personal favorite). The video was directed and conceptualized by Coultrain himself and offers a few words about it’s message:

“Here in a ceiling-less temple of worship, the alchemist transcends to a place where he’s able to watch his own soul dance. As Sun Ra says, “If death is the absence of life, then death’s death is life” – it is the kiss dancing in between, soaked in wine.”Coultrain

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Coultrain “The Reintroduction”

coultrain purple thoughts lareisa edited

Photo Credit: Lareisa Griner

Coultrain and Fresh Selects released the third and final single, “The Reintroduction“, from his upcoming Effex Of Make Believe; divided for love’s sake project that drops on December 21st. Coultrain shared a few words about his newest single:

“They say when a soul feels as though its vessel isn’t moving in a way to allow it to grow out of it’s shell, it cooperates with the forces of nature in an unseen realm. She was the manifestation of that in this dimension. I fell, & saw everything anew. I’ll never have or forget her. This is our story.”

Coultrain “Side Effex Of Make Believe; divided for love’s sakePre-Order Link

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Coultrain “Like A Dusty Piano”

Coultrain 2014 bw Ernesto Pacheco

There’s nothing like having a long, tedious day and hearing a song that lifts your spirits. That’s exactly what happened once I pressed play and instantly dug the Black Spade “Like A Dusty Piano“, Coultrain’s latest selection from his upcoming project “Side Effex Of Make-Believe; divided for love’s sake” will be released on Dec. 21st via Fresh Selects. “Side Effex Of Make-Believe; divided for love’s sake” will be a concept album, which I think is original especially in this era of copy & paste musicianship. The story of Coultrain’s character Seymour Liberty has been featured on few projects thus far but the upcoming project, takes a darker tone: “Revealing the darker side of romance, Seymour Liberty, falls headfirst for a murderous widow, leading the character through a maze of agony and enlightenment alike.

Album Pre-Order Link

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